PLEASE SHARE – Drax Shadow Enters Hospice

Ok let’s take a break from all the wrestling news I’ve brought you recently to sit back and think about our families, the people we grow up with and love. For other people the time they get with thier loved ones  may not be as long but it may be just as special if not more. Think of it as a shooting star, bright, fantastic, magical but all to brief and it’s gone.

It’s no secret that I’ve lost alot of my family members to cancer, most recently my father so I know more than most about what a ***** the illness is and seen the damage and heartbreak it can cause. I also work for a medical company and quite often have to speak to parents of terminally ill children on a daily basis as well.

You may be thinking where am I going with this. well those hardcore wrestling fans will remember Elijah ‘Drax Shadow’ Mainville the brave little boy battling neuroblastomo who got to meet his hero Cody Rhodes in a WWE ring. Even if you aren’t a wrestling fan, check this out, it’ll move you.

Well the sad news is that Drax (as he liked to be called) has now entered a hospice despite body slamming, elbow dropping and rock bottoming cancer and putting up the bravest fight that anyone could do.

You see what a lot of people don’t realise is that cancer screws you and your family over, not just emotionally but also financially and as a result of this, Drax’s family are needing help to fund his funeral and have set up a GOFUNDME campaign. If you can’t afford to donate, please share and raise awareness of Drax’s plight as your share might reach someone who can contribute.

Please check out the page here DO IT NOW!!!

This world is full of demons it’s sad that the angels are the ones that are taken away.


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