PCPB Music Looks at Country Pop Artist Chloe Collins

With PCPB’s Fresh Music Friday being country last week I thought we would continue the country theme today with Country Pop artist Chloe Collins.


Collins a singer-songwriter based in New York, USA is back with her new single ‘Forget Your Name ‘ (2017 version). Collins started singing as a toddler, and at the age of 8 she picked up the guitar and has not looked back.

Influenced by the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Collins has already had one of her tracks featured on the ABC Family TV Show The Vineyard and will soon be broadcast on an episode of Nashville on CMT. Collins is also one of this week’s “Act Of Week ” over with our friends at Deuce Music.

Collins is quoted as being “country pop poetry that is reminiscent of the early days of Taylor Swift coupled with the inventiveness of Ed Sheeran“.



Within the first few seconds of listening, I was hooked, this track is a sublime mix of country and pop to which you can’t help but tap your foot. ‘Forget Your Name ‘ is a perfect treasure of catchy melodies sung with delightful vocals. I can guarantee once you listen to Forget Your Name, you won’t be able to forget Chloe Collins’ name!!

You can listen to ‘Forget Your Name ‘ Lyric Video below

Please support Chloe by heading to her social media and youtube pages and give her a like and tell her Pop Culture Pipe Bomb sent you! Find all links the below.






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