PCPB Kickstarter Spotlight: Time Cheetah in “The Secret Of Stalin Island”!

Once again we have an already fully funded Kickstarter. With six days left the Time Cheetah team is looking to hit some stretch goals!


“Time Cheetah is a webcomic about a time-traveling cat man that punches time criminals in the face. A webcomic about a time-traveling cat man that punches time criminals in the face.

It is NOT a drama.”

Read it: www.timecheetahcomic.com


An action/comedy webcomic that follows the adventures of the eponymous time traveler Time Cheetah. He has the head of a cheetah, wears a suit and tie, and only ever speaks a single word (“RAWR!”). He works for the time policing agency Time Corp. He time jumps from era to era, stopping criminals from altering our timeline.”   

“It’s Doctor Who meets James Bond, except with a dude with a cat head. Which makes it nothing like Doctor Who or James Bond, really!”

Now that the full story has been released, Carlos Guzman and his team wanted to collect the whole story in a single softcover book! The book would include “The Secret of Stalin Island” (52 pages), the mini-adventure “Miami Price” (8 pages) and added extras. The collection will be a full colour 72 page, 6.625” x 10.25” book with a soft cover (and even softer interior pages).

The Creative Team

Carlos Guzman is one of the writers and co-creators of Time Cheetah. He’s been working in comics as an editor at IDW Publishing for 7+ years and has edited series such as Transformers, G.I. Joe and Samurai Jack. And now you get to support his very own comic, how about that? You can follow him on Twitter, @Rufio_420.

Alejandro Verdugo is one of the writers and co-creators of Time Cheetah. He’s Carlos’ brother and has foolishly believed in this idea the whole way. Currently, he gives tours of Tijuana, Mexico and helps keep this entire enterprise from collapsing in on itself.

Matt Cossin is the artist and co-creator of Time Cheetah. He’s done covers, colours and comic art for publishers such as Humanoids, Devil’s Due, Insight Studios Group and Boom! Studios. He also created a graphic novel mini-series of his own, Flywires, with writer Chuck Austen. Now working on Time Cheetah, Matt is also writing scripts and has other comic projects in the works. Check KingMakersComix for the latest info on them!

Mikey Cossin is the colorist of Time Cheetah. He’s been colouring comics professionally since 2004 and making his own since grade school. He also hits his deadlines, so he’s great in our book! If you would like to stalk him or his comics work, do so at KingMakersComix.

Tom Long is a letterer extraordinaire, with the daunting task of putting this comic into book-form and rendering one RAWR in many different fonts. You can find him on his Twitter, @tombgrfx.

Check out all the rewards and stretch goals for Time Cheetah on Kickstarter

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