PCPB Kickstarter Spotlight: The Grand Machine #1

Evoluzione Publishing has another Kickstarter going on right now for a comic book called the Grand Machine by writer/letterer Josh Gorfain and artist Francesco Tomaselli.


Frank Billings is a true crime writer trying to find the perfect follow-up to his best seller, “Diary of a Madman” and been having the most difficult time. Between the stress of a recent divorce and a daughter who has a knack for getting into trouble, Frank hasn’t been having the easiest of times. So when his mob contact, Gene arranges a meeting between Frank and Bob, a former secret agent and now a bit unhinged (some might say ‘downright bat-shit insane’) in an attempt to pay an old debt. Now Frank is on an crazy adventure involving aliens, murder mutants and alternate realities that has him wondering if this is all worth it.


 A former Police Detective turned true crime novelist trying to prove his one big hit wasn’t a total fluke! Just coming out of a bitter divorce, he’s also trying to reconnect with his daughter Grace.  He soon discovers the truth in the phrase “be careful what you wish for.”

A tough 11-year-old kid who’s too smart for her own good and usually everyone else’s good also! All she wants is for her dad, Frank to give her a call every once and awhile. That, and martial arts lessons.

 He may seem like any other crazy homeless person, but he’s totally sane.

Check out all the awards and info on Kickstarter

Deadline for pledging is Tue, May 2, 2017, 12:03 PM EDT.

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