PCPB Kickstarter Spotlight: Punk Taco

PUNK TACO: An All-Ages Sci-Fi Punk Rocking Space Adventure for Kids and Adults.


“A children’s graphic novel about a teenage alien taco and his punk rock band spreading peace and love across the galaxy with the help of a few well-placed karate chops to take out the bullies!”

 Punk Taco is a fun, silly, whimsical, action adventure about an alien Punk Taco and his intergalactic band of misfits, rocking out across the galaxy spreading peace and love through their music and art. In this first book, Punk Taco meets a young alien refugee that has escaped from Galactic Border Agents and is on the run. The two become friends and Punk Taco vows to reunite the young alien with his lost family. Along the way, Punk Taco is kidnapped for his inter-galactic famous nacho recipe and thrust into an inter-dimensional war with an evil tyrant hell-bent on domination. Together with the help of his friends, Punk Taco has to use his brains, heart, music, and the power of love to defeat the evil and hatred of this vile villain.

Fans of Art Baltazar and Franco’s “Tiny Titans”, Chris Giarrusso’s “G-Man” and shows like “Adventure Time” and  “The Muppets” will love PUNK TACO.

PUNK TACO was created and written by Adam Wallenta (American Mule Entertainment, Adventures of GEO, the official Public Enemy comic book series, The Supervillain Handbook and the Art of Zombie Warfare) and his 5-year-old son, Kirby Wallenta.  Art is by Adam Wallenta and Gabriel Mayorga.

Punk Taco is currently at $462 of it’s $4,000 goal with 9 backers 29 days left to reach its goal. Thursday, March 9, 2017, 7:40 AM EST is the deadline to pledge.
Check out the rewards page on Kickstarter
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Website: adamwallenta.com

Stay tuned to PCPB for an interview with Adam Wallenta next week for more information on Punk Taco and the creator himself.


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  1. Adam
    February 07, 21:43 Adam

    Thank you for your support!

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  2. illusmedia
    February 10, 01:40 illusmedia

    We are now on day 3 and 40% funded!

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