PCPB Kickstarter Spotlight: Follow The Wave

Indie comic publisher Ink Forged Studios  (founded by Chris Gevenois. Artist for Bob Salley‘s Salvagers) has a Kickstarter going on right now for a 52-page graphic novel from Italian artist/writer Stefano Cardoselli called Follow The Wave.

 Story Synopsis

“The Captain awaited news of his betrothed’s arrival, his usual stoic calm replaced by an unnatural excitement. His cheeks were flushed and his heart pounded almost loud enough to be heard by any passersby. Thoughts of the vision of beauty that was to be his made his blood run hot through his veins. Her soft touch was the only thing in this world that could soothe his Sailor’s heart. The touch that could cure the sea-salt in his mind.

He stood on the docks night after night, awaiting news of her arrival. Staring longingly out at the sea, his cool eyes ever searching for any sign of the ship bringing her to him.

Finally a ship did arrive. Alas, it was but a merchant ship with a terrible tale. A tale in which the crew bore witness to a horrible event. A tale of a great beast and a ship that strayed too close and payed a heavy toll. The ship known as the Follow the Wave.

Follow the Wave was the ship carrying the Captain’s betrothed. His love, his life, was gone and with her, any trace of the Captain’s humanity. His blood, once warm, now pumped cold from the great stone that was now his heart. Driven mad with grief and the need for revenge the Captain readied his ship and his crew for the hunt.

And so the story begins…”


Follow The Wave is currently at $1,294 of their $3,500 goal with 66 backers and 17 days to go. (Deadline for pledging is Sat, April 8, 2017, 3:01 PM EDT)
If you want a copy of Follow The Wave or just want to support indie comics check out the reward levels on Kickstarter.

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