PCPB Kickstarter Spotlight: Drexler #1

Nathan Kelly Regular Cover


“DREXLER is a Sci-Fi tale that follows Erron Drexler, a soldier of fortune, returning to his small town roots to investigate a string of monstrous slayings despite being considered a monster himself (by his childhood community) for events that transpired in his youth. Events that he has been running from ever since. Not to mention running afoul of a major arms dealer in search of a doomsday weapon and a score to settle…”


Seth Damoose Variant Cover


Simone Guglielmini Variant Cover

This is Nathan Kelly‘s first Kickstarter campaign. He is an artist from Canada, who grew up in California and now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two daughters. His first published comic book was a 40-page graphic novel called Snarl originally published in 2015 with Alterna Comics but is now available with Insane Comics. This year with the help of crowd funding he intends to release and print his next comic series: Drexler.

“The driving concept behind Drexler is a mashup of the two books that have influenced me most as a creator: Mike Mignola‘s Hellboy and Eduardo Risso‘s work on 100Bullets (and everything else he’s ever done)!!”

“My goal was to construct a story that, sort of, blended elements from each book together, but with a Sci-Fi twist. I had written and drawn almost half an issue before Bob Salley joined the adventure. With his expert help, we revamped the story a bit, and he’s been writing a fantastic script! Plus, with the immeasurable efforts from Don Mathias (our colorist), and HdE (our letterer), we are bringing this book to life and are excited to share it with our supporters!”

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