PCPB Kickstarter Spotlight: Delilah Blast #1

“Delilah is a 16-year-old scientist and adventurer. She is the daughter of an alien named Mi and a human named Roger Blast. Once she has her mind set on something there’s nothing that you can do to stop her.”

“Science runs the world and the Earth is governed by the E.S.A., the Earth’s Science Association. Everyone is allowed to join the organisation on their sixteenth birthday, but unfortunately for Delilah Blast she oversleeps, missing the entrance exams and putting her dream in jeopardy. However, when another opportunity to achieve her dream presents itself, Delilah is more than willing and ready to take it, even if it means going to a dangerous alien planet to retrieve obscure technology that could change the world and Earth forever.”

Writer Marcel Dupree explains the thought process and inspiration for Delilah.

“I came up with Delilah Blast in 2010 after listening to a Do Something by Britney Spears and Science by System Of A Down. Once the idea was sparked, I spent a lot of time to develop the character because I felt like at the time there was a huge lack of strong female characters, that depended mainly on their wits. After I mapped out the story, I wanted to make it all-ages because at the time there weren’t many all-ages comics besides Tiny Titans and Billy Batson and Power of Shazaam.”

“I met Joel (Cotejar) on Digital Webbing, he agreed with my feelings. The 2 of us talked to spent time crafting a world that has elements of steampunk, 50’s sci-fi and post-apocalyptic genres.”

The good news is that Delilah Blast #1 has already reached its funding goal with 15 days left in the campaign. Three Strech goals have already been unlocked.

1. Delilah card by Francesco Tomaselli for all backers

2. A print for anyone who pledged $10 or more. Anyone who pledged $50 or more will get a Delilah Blast T-shirt

3. Back cover as a holofoil print of the back cover if you pledged $20 or more.

The fourth stretch goal currently trying to be unlocked (at $4,150) is the Marguerite Sauvage variant cover for anyone who pledges $30 or more.

If you are looking for a new Steampunk comic to get into with some great bang for your buck when you pledge, creators Marcel Dupree and Joel Cotejar got you covered.

Check out all the reward tiers on Kickstarter 

Also, check out Delilah Blast on Facebook

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