PCPB Has the Latest Punk4MentalHealth Update and a Look at the Teen Clash Indies Ballot

The Punk4MentalHealth festival in London is fast approaching, and there have been few updates since we last look at the upcoming festival, including the announcement of the 2017 Teen Clash Indie Awards nominees by Che Watson, the front man for Princip at the latest event held at the Dublin Castle on the 28 January.

Katy DiTondo

Punk4MentalHealth Planing Committee

PCPB also has the Ballot for the 2017 TC Indies which will drop on the Punk4MentalHealth official Facebook page along with instructions on how to vote for your favourite nominees on the 14th February. Voting will begin on 14th February and will end 23:59 pm on the 17 February, so be sure you get your votes in on time. There will also be another live book reading by the brainchild, and founder of the event Kathy DiTondo and the Teen Angst pop punchers will also be involved, reading from Kathy’s books “Meeting Joe Strummer the Clash & Me” and “I was a Teenage Guitarist for the Clash.” The live book reading will take place at the Dublin Castle 29th March, this live art, music and words performance is a part of the weeklong Punk4MentalHealth festival.


The boys from Partisan will be making an appearance at the legendary Dublin Castle on the 31st March. Danny Albon, Partisan’s Bassist in also up for TC Indies Bassist of the Year, and may even drop in to announce the winners of TC Indie Awards, so even more reason to clear your calendar. Last week Kathy DiTondo and Professor Joel Vos (Punk Professor) featured on London’s SoHo Radio’s Sunday Sync to chart about Punk4MentalHealth and what will be in my opinion, the event of the year! You can check out the Soho Radio interview here, oh and your’s truly even got her named dropped on air, for which I was very surprised and honoured! But wait, there’s more, I also have some footage from the Punk4MentalHealth Live event that was recently held at Dublin Castle as I mentioned before with Che Watson doing the honours and announcing the TC Indies on the 30th January, which also features a little of iamhungry’s live debut performance below.


Partisan – Graham Binns Photography

The Punk4MentalHealth festival is in honour of Kathy DiTonds beautiful sister Linda DiTondo, who in 2015 grew her wings after a fierce and courageous battle with mental illness which she had fought gallantly for most of her life. So Punk4MentalHealth is in aid of stopping the stigma around mental health in Linda’s name as well as supporting our great indie community and the punk ethos. The festival includes all aspects of the indie not just the music aspect, Punk4MentalHealth celebrates all things indie and DIY. Help us stop the stigma around mental health and support our indie community by heading to what will be the event of the year! Punk4MentalHealth runs from 27th – 31st March 2017, and you will find all the appropriate links below.Linda DiTondo

Watch Punk4MentalHealth Live below 


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