PCBP Kickstarter Spotlight: SFC #1

Attention all PCPB comic and wrestling readers I have a Kickstarter spotlight that both of you will probably be interested in!

Super Fighting Championship (SFC) is the organisation featuring super fights between super humans! SFC was founded in 1995 by Samson Jackson and Ethan Thompson.

Story Synopsis:

Think of it like WWE with super powers, both what you see in the ring and what goes on behind the scenes.

Two of the SFC’s biggest and best fighters get injured in a bout leaving Samson and Ethan to scramble for an idea to save ratings. They decide to hold a tournament between eight of their biggest stars to see who can come out with the championship belt!

The great news is that SFC is already more than 100% funded and is looking to hit some of their stretch goals.

They have currently raised $1,358 of $875 goal with 48 backers and 17 days left to hit those stretch goals. Deadline is Fri, April 21, 2017, 3:01 PM EDT.
You can check out all the awards and the first five pages of the issue on Kickstarter
Please support this project if you’re able to.
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