Outrun The Demogorgon and Pornstache in Netflix Infinite Runner

Stranger Things has easily been known as one of the most nostalgic television series in a long time. With it’s huge 80’s vibe in everything from filming direction to soundtrack, Stranger Things engulfed the world with it’s retro vibes and terrifying science fiction plot. So it should come as no surprise at all that there is now an 8-bit video game involving the series.

The game, released by Netflix, is called Netflix Infinite Runner  and is an 8-bit centric PC game that you can play online for free. In the game, you’re taken to an arcade screen and asked to pick from 4 characters from the most popular Netflix Originals. The characters are Piper Chapman from Orange is the New BlackPablo Escobar from Narcos, Marco Polo from Marco Polo – and of course, Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things. 

Each level is based on the characters respective series and, using only the spacebar to jump and your quick timing, you run through each level with the goal of surviving and outrunning a villain from the series.

Like everything else Stranger Things, this adorable side scrolling game is nostalgic from it’s appearance to soundtrack . It’s reminiscent of Super Mario Run, the 8-bit artwork goes hand in hand with the chiptune rendition of the shows theme songs.

Try it for yourself – it’s completely free, addictive, and should tide you over until season 2 finally graces our screens.

Stranger Things is the story of a group of kids on a search for their missing friend against the backdrop of an 80’s American town. Elle, a mysterious mute from the woods, joins them in their search – but as the children look for answers, they only find more questions…

Season 2 is due for release around July 2017, though no exact date has been confirmed yet.

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