NXT TakeOver: San Antonio Results… AND NEW!!!

What’s good? I hope all of you pro wrestling fanatics enjoyed TakeOver. I know I did. For those who missed it, let me give you the scoop. I’m Danny Finn of PCPB with another Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause here, the beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

First, I want to congratulate all of the NXT End Of The Year Winners. Whooo what a show tonight. I truly enjoy NXT and Triple H doesn’t have to be angry long cause the future is bright.

Opening Match: Tye Dillinger Vs. Eric Young W/SAnitY

Dillinger walks to the ring with the NXT Universe all chanting 10. Out next comes Young with the upgraded SAnitY. Cross is left behind with her focus on her title match later tonight. In the ring, EY gives Tye one more chance to put on the jacket and join the team. Dillinger refuses, tosses the jacket and begins his onslaught.

Young goes for a breather, rushes back into the ring and toss Dillinger to the outside. Tye dashes back in the ring and gives EY a taste of his own medicine. Both men return to the ring, only for EY to toss out Dillinger again. This time Killian Dane was waiting and lands a cross body.

EY brings Dillinger back into the ring, ascends to the top rope and lands an elbow. EY turns up the heat picking Tye up with a reverse guillotine while perched on the top rope. Young went for the finish but it was too soon. Young gives Tye a neck breaker for the two count.

Young attempts the reverse guillotine again, but with no avail. Still with the upper hand, Young jumps off the ropes only to get caught with a dropkick. Both men exchange blows but EY gets the best of it with a big right hand.

Looking to gain momentum, Dillinger grabs Young by his beard getting some quick offense off. Tye whips EY to the turnbuckle Young flips over it in vintage fashion running across the apron to the top rope. Dillinger catches Young in the process with a Belly To Belly Suplex.

SAnitY, seeing enough, goes in to aid their leader. Tye fights them off and giving one The TyeBreaker. Tye then gives Young a TyeBreaker and goes for the win. SAnitY saves the day by putting Eric’s foot on the ropes to break the count.

Tye leaps to the outside onto SAnitY attempting to cease the interference. Tye then gives the duo a baseball slide, flips over the ropes into the ring. Young catches Dillinger in the transition with a Wheel barrel Neck breaker for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Eric Young

After the match, cameras spot Shinsuke Nakamura shadow boxing in a dark area gazing upon his NXT Title.

Grudge Match: Andrade “Cien” Almas Vs. Roderick Strong

Almas enters the ring flamboyantly prepared for a victory. Good pop for the former ROH alumni Roderick Strong as he enters the ring with a look of determination. The match begins with both men displaying an aggressive technical style, both men selling the grudge.

Roddy whips Cien to the ropes, Cien catches himself in between with a Spider-Man pose toying with Strong. It works, as Cien takes control of the match with pure veracity. Almas attempts a suplex to the outside. Strong tries to break free, Cien transitions to an armbar using the ropes as leverage.

Cien begins to put his focus on Roddy’s injured arm with armbars, and a body slam with the arm trapped in.  Strong builds momentum with various spots ending with a backbreaker for a near fall. Both men battle for German Suplex, Cien comes out with the suplex.

Showing his frustration, Cien gives Roddy another strong slam. Battling back and forth, Strong gets the worst and falls out in the corner. Cien tries to go for his Double Knee finish Roddy gets up and gives Almas a knee of his own. As both competitors fight, Almas transitions into a submission hold. Strong makes it to the ropes.

Almas attempts a Moonsault, but Strong hops up and trips the feet. Strong proceeds to give Almas a Backbreaker using the top of the post as a weapon. Cien regains his composure and tries for the Double Knee again. Third times the charm as Cien finally lands the Double Knee. Instead of going for the pin, Almas tries to sink in the double arm DDT. Strong breaks free, lands an Atomic Flap-jack. Strong picks up Almas, and boom Sick Kick to the face for the 1,2,3.

Winner by pinfall: Roderick Strong

Royal Rumble flashback of HBK winning the Rumble despite coming in at #1.

Cameras spot Bobby Roode changing out of his suit with an intensity look in his eyes.

NXT Tag Team Title Match: #DIY Vs. Authors Of Pain W/ Paul Ellering

First, a recap of #DIY winning the titles TakeOver: Toronto over The Revival. After, we see AOP becoming the number one contenders by winning the Dusty Rhodes Classic over TM61.

The challengers slowly walk to the ring with their leader Paul Ellering in front with gold on their minds. #DIY are the people’s champion. The crowd is really behind the champs.

AOP begins the match as expected, using their raw power. #DIY continuously fights back resources on their instinct and heart. AOP made frequent tags punishing their Gargano. Gargano tries to fight back with an enziguri. AOP prove too strong, using their teamwork to their advantage.

Gargano finally makes the big tag to Ciampa. Ciampa flies in with a series of clotheslines. Ciampa, shown off his power gives both AOP members a German Suplex. Shot of the shot Ciampa tries to keep Akam down. The shots only infuriated the big man more. Akam rises up and gives Ciampa a devastating lariat. Chiampa makes the tag and both DIY members deliver a double spear.

Akam breaks the momentum by making a tag himself. Gargano gets caught in a Neckbreaker Powerbomb combination. AOP went for their finisher only to be stopped with a Superkick from Gargano. DIY applied the same double submission that won them the titles in Toronto. Rezar powers out and slams Gargano onto his partner to break the other submission held by Chiampa.

DIY tried their best to keep the big men down. AOP power late in the match was too much for the champ reversing DIY double knee with the Super Collider. AOP finishes it off with the Book Of Pain. 1…2…3, new tag team champs.

Winner by pinfall New NXT Tag Team Champions: Authors Of Pain W/ Paul Ellering

Seth Rollins interrupts the show by entering the ring to call out Triple H. Rollins wanted to fight “The Game” for costing him his entry in the Rumble Match. Rollins stated he wasn’t leaving until he got Triple H.

Hunter comes in as if he wants to fight. The Cerebral Assassin had other plans. Hunters calls for security to get Seth out of the ring. Rollins beats up the guards, then runs after Hunter. More security comes out and restrains Rollins escorting him out of the arena.

Another great build up vignette is shown for the NXT Women’s Championship. Clips of Cross and Asuka going at it. Kay and Royce attacking the champ as she entered the arena. Asuka demanding a match will all three ladies. Did Asuka bite off more than she can chew?

NXT Women’s Championship: Asuka, Nikki Cross, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay

Cross enters the ring first without SAnitY. Cross wants to win the title on her own. Peyton and Billie entered the ring together.  Last in, The Empress Of Tomorrow. The defending champs enter with her usual superior sense of confidence.

Royce and Kay begin the match back to back watching put for Asuka and Cross. Both ladies in fear run out of the ring. Thus leaves Asuka and Cross alone to size each other up. Royce and Kay try to break in and catch the ladies off guard. With no avail, Asuka cleans out the ring.

From the look of it, Royce and Kay want to pick their shots. The champ stays one step ahead and catches Kay and Royce in a double German Suplex. Asuka then grabs Cross with a Bridge German Suplex for a two count. Asuka keeps Royce and Kay outside Cross takes advantage catching the champ for a near fall. Cross continues her offense on the champ with a Neckbreaker off the apron.

Cross turns her attention to Royce and Kay with a splash off the top ropes to the outside. Cross takes the fight to Kay and Royce all the way to the entrance area. Royce and Kay turn the tide and delivers a Superplex off the announce table crashing Cross-body into the adjacent table.

Royce and Kay leave Cross and now turn to finish off the champ. As Royce and Kay builds a strategy, Asuka leaps up and begins to fight back. Both girls take back control and both try to pin Asuka for the win. Asuka knocks Kay to the outside. Peyton catches Asuka with the Widows Peak. Asuka bridges out to continuing to persevere. Asuka rises up kicks Peyton then kicks Billie again outside. A dazed Peyton on her knees eats Asuka fierce kick to the face for the victory.

Winner by pinfall and still NXT Women’s Champion: Asuka

Main Event for the NXT Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Bobby Roode

A GLORIOUS entrance by Roode, paying homage to Ric Flair with a “Nature Boy” like robe. The champ enters the ring on a float of flashing lights in his infamous pose. I’ve never seen the fans in 50/50 like they are for Roode and Nakamura.

The bell rings, both men face off in the center of the ring. The tension is strong as they size each other up. Nakamura starts off with a couple of leg kicks. Each man showing their technical skill as the feel each other out. Both men make their attempts to get into one another’s head.  It’s a very cautious match until Roode throws a sharp elbow. Roode takes control, grinding Nakamura with an arm lock.

Shinsuke reversing the hold, but Roode transitions to a head scissor. Nakamura breaks out and lands a jumping knee. Nakamura tries for Good Vibrations, Roode breaks free only to get caught with a head shot. The champ takes control, Roode counters flipping Nakamura to the outside. Bobby goes on the offensive looking for the quick win.

Roode goes to the top, landing a double axe handle for a two count. Roode continued to punish the champ, mocking him with his own version of Good Vibrations.  The champ turns it around with a kick, after lands a big knee to the back of the head on the apron.

Nakamura unleashes his Strong Style into Roode. Nakamura then returns the favor with Good Vibrations.  The champ tries for a knee, Roode had it well scouted moving out the way snapping Nakamura throat across the ropes. Shinsuke bounces back catching Roode, placing his body across the top turnbuckle and giving him his infamous knee to the stomach.

Shinsuke followed up with the Exploder Suplex. Nakamura looked to finish with Kinshasa. Roode playing possum from the suplex tries for a quick roll up. Roode mounting up some offense continued to attack the neck of the champ. Nakamura fights backs, goes to the ropes and gets caught with the Spinebuster.

Roode attempts a Superplex, Shinsuke pushes Roode off. Nakamura then leaps off the ropes with another knee to the face. Nakamura looks for Kinshasa again, Roode counters with a boot. Roode slyly puts his feet on the ropes seeking a cheap win, but the referee sees this breaking up the pin.

The seesaw battle continued, with Nakamura getting the best of it stomping Roode to the back of the head. Shinsuke digs into the BJJ bag of tricks ping out an Armbar. Roode fighting it off; Nakamura transitions into a Triangle choke. Bobby muscles it out with a Powerbomb. Shinsuke rolls through catches Roode with a piece of Kinshasa for two counts.

Nakamura goes to the top rope, Roode rolls to the apron. Shinsuke fearlessly leaps to the upside apron with another knee. Finally, KINSHASA to the face of the challenger. Unfortunately, the champ can’t capitalize on the knocked out Roode due to his knee blowing out.

The medical staff comes out to aid the injured champ. The medics want to stop the match and give Nakamura medical attention. Shinsuke showing a warrior spirit wants to continue. A staggering Roode surges up and delivers a monstrous DDT. 1,2…the champ kicks out.

Roode takes advantage of the injured knee locking in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Roode punching the knee at the same time looking to inflict maximum damage. Nakamura in excruciating pain reaches for the ropes. Roode slides him back to the middle of the ring. Digging deep, the champ transitions to a Trianglechoke. The knee was too damaged to lock in. Roode picks up Shinsuke, and delivers a Glorious DDT. 1…2…3, the unthinkable has happened.

Winner and NEW NXT Champion: Bobby Roode

After the match the medical team tends to the former champ, as Roode poses in the ring with title around his waist.

There you have fanatics. Roode, AOP new champ. Asuka was the only one to retain her title. This was a really good show all the way through. If you don’t believe me, get the WWE Network watch it for yourself and we can talk about it. DIG IT!!!

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