NXT TakeOver: Orlando Triple P (Preview, Predictions, Possible Call-up) Edition

Can you smell it my brothers, can you taste it, no I’m not speaking of mom’s Sunday dinner. I’m talking the one Sunday out of the year that we all wait for…yes, Wrestlemania 33. The showcase for immortals, the place where legends are born.

Well, before there are legends, they have to prove themselves in the gladiators pit, the basement of a dive bar, the back allies where the cars are the only source of light, I’m talking NXT. The proving ground and the first step towards immortality, is this Saturday April, 1st at NXT TakeOver: Orlando.

Today on The Pro Wrestling Beat, I want to give my fellow wrestling diehards my insight on whats to come at this year’s TakeOver. TURN UP GUYS!!! this is going to be a badass card leave your comments and let me knew that you think will happen this Saturday. DON’T FORGET!!! To like, share and subscribe for all the latest PCBP news.


SAnitY (Eric Young, Killian Dane, Alexander Wolfe, Nikki Cross) Vs. Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, Roderick Strong, Ruby Riot


This feud began with Eric Young wanting Tye Dillinger to join SAnitY. Dillinger’s “choices” has led him down a tortured path with no one to help. That’s until No Way Jose and Roderick Strong decided to take a stand to fight alongside Dillinger to put an end to destruction led by Young.

Now the number games that’s helped SAnitY in the past are finally even. The addition of new comer Ruby Riot, and from the sounds of her name will give Nikki Cross run for her money. Will Dillinger and Co. find a way to end the beatings or has Dillinger simply involved more NXT stars to SAnitY’s destruction.

Prediction: Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, Ruby Riot

Personally I always believe that good will triumph over evil. Jose Strong and Riot rise to the occasion and aid Dillinger in putting and to this once and for all.

Possible Call up: Tye Dillinger

What makes this slightly unfortunate, this may be Tye Dillinger’s last match in NXT. Tye has already passed the test in this year’s Royal Rumble, the main roster is ready to become a “Perfect 10.”


Aleister Black Vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas


Personally I don’t see the real upside other than Aleister Black making a strong debut. It’s… I want to curse but I’m trying to be an example for my daughter. It’s messed up this match should have had a really big build due to the accolades of both men. Andrade “Cien” Almas is a stud and his since his debut, his stint in NXT his become lackluster. I hope NXT surprises me and make this an awesome match.

Prediction: Aleister Black

It’s pretty obvious that Black will get over due to the high build up by NXT leading to TakeOver. The most I could ask for is that Almas had the opportunity to showcase his talents against the highly touted new comer.

Possible Call up: None

Both men will remain on the NXT roster, hopefully this is the beginning of a great feud between the two.


Triple Threat Elimination Match For The NXT Tag Team Titles: AOP w/ Paul Ellering Vs. #DIY Vs. The Revival


I felt sooooo bad for #DIY after winning the NXT Tag Titles from The Revival at TakeOver: Toronto, because as soon as I saw AOP win The Dusty Rhodes Classic, I know their title reign was over as soon it began. To be honest the best team are The Revival hands down. AOP has great power and leadership of Paul Ellering and #DIY has more heart than Rocky Balboa and Stone Cold Steve Austin put together. The give by any cost mentality is the reason why Wilder and Dawson are the two-time Tag Team Champs.

Prediction: AOP w/ Paul Ellering

OK OK, I know I just said that The Revival are the best in NXT. That didn’t mean I was predicting them to win this Saturday. AOP have been on a path of destruction and u see it continuing after TakeOver. I see the rivalry with AOP and #DIY not ending this Saturday as I believe they will be the final teams in the match but the “algorithm” for success is with AOP.

Possible Call up: The Revival

One of the main reasons why Revival will be losing this Saturday, is due to the fact that this will be their last TakeOver. Dash and Wilder has been the corner stone of the tag division for two years now. With AOP, #DIY and other strong teams, the division will be just fine. It’s time for The Revival to settle the score with American Alpha on Smackdown Live.


NXT Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) Vs. Ember Moon


Ooooohhhh baybe, I cant want for these two to go at it. This is my personal favorite because it’s not just a match for the title no, no, no, it’s the battle of the undefeated streaks. This Saturday will make a calender year since Asuka won the NXT Women’s Title at TakeOver: Dallas defeating Bayley. Ember Moon has been extremely impressive since her debut as well. Asuka has been keeping close an eye on Moon knowing that it was inevitable that their paths would cross. Moon made the inevitable a reality becoming the #1 contender a couple of weeks ago.

Prediction: Ember Moon

I know everyone has Asuka picked to retain her title. I would have agreed with you prior to Moon’s #1 contenders match a couple of weeks ago. The way Moon left Billie Kay laid out in the ring after landing her Eclipse, it was obvious to me that Moon is the one to dethrone the Empress Of Tomorrow.

Possible Call up: Asuka

It’s time people, Asuka has nothing left to prove in NXT. I believe we have a new leader of the Women’s Division in Ember Moon. Finn Bàlor, Sami Zane and Sasha Banks all had great matches before being call up. This is to me Asuka’s. Moon will look strong in winning the title and Asuka will look strong in her valor defence of the title. In her defeat, Asuka takes that frustration into Wrestlemania 33 and become the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. (Sorry Naomi.)

NXT Championship Match: Bobby Roode (c) Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Preview :

In my opinion, Bobby Roode got lucky in his first encounter against Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: Toronto. Roode has plans to make NXT “GLORIOUS” but he has to truly usurp the King Of Strong Style. Nakamura will come into this match with a fury like no other in an effort to become the first ever 3x NXT Champion.

Prediction: Bobby Roode

Sorry about that whammy. Yes, Bobby Roode will be victorious at the end of the night. It’s crazy to think it with Nakamura’s victories over NXT greats over the past year. Not saying Roode isn’t great but it’s hard to believe that Roode could back to back against Shinsuke. Believe it, cause it’s going to happen and Roode will have a GLORIOUS reign over NXT.

Possible Call up: Shinsuke Nakamura

Yes, it’s time for Shinsuke to finally be called up to the main roster. The call had been long  over due. It’s understandable NXT needed Shinsuke to hold down the roster until someone was able to pick up the mantle. With the arrival of Roode and the “rub” he has received from Nakamura, Roode can now bring other NXT stars to the next level. Plus, think of all the beautiful matches that’s awaiting Shinsuke at the amin roster. I can only hope that WWE get it right.

Well my people that’s my Triple P for NXT TakeOver: Orlando. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I will. I am curious to know your predictions Saturday nights card. Leave your comments and we can get right into it. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thanks for taking the time to read up on the sport that we all love. Take care, and I will be back Saturday night for NXT TakeOver: Orlando Results here on The Pro Wrestling Beat. Why, come on you know why. The Beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!


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