NXT Results 4/19: Did Dillinger Escape From The Grasp Of SAnitY?

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Last night was another exciting episode of NXT. Will the Steel Cage be enough to keep SAnitY away? As Tye Dillinger faces Eric Young for the last time in the main event.

No recaps, NXT jumped straight into its program with… The Glorious One, NXT Champion Bobby Roode.

In the middle of the ring, Roode revels in the fact that for two years straight he has sold out each TakeOver during the Wrestlemania weekend. Roode also believes that he has taken out the last star in NXT and the Glorious Era is complete. That star is Shinsuke Nakamura.

Roode felt it as an insult to see Nakamura receive a hero’s farewell by the NXT Universe and NXT roster last week. Roode went on claiming Shinsuke to be a liar. Shinsuke didn’t leave NXT, he was removed by the hands of Bobby Roode.

Now the line has been drawn according to Roode. To join him and be apart of his NXT, or follow the path of Shinsuke Nakamura.

One man who had a serious problem with Roode’s demand. He was one of the Superstars apart of Nakamura’s farewell, Shinsuke’s close friend Hideo Itami. Itami entered the ring nit saying a word, he simply slapped the champ across his glorious face. Roode backed off taking off his blazer preparing for a fight, he was just ready to Go To Sleep.

Backstage Interview:

Tyler Bate set to defend his UK Title against fellow gentleman Jack Gallagher. Both competitors have and showed the mutual respect for one another. But the competitive tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

-Cameras cut back to the ring to see the champ still enjoying his nap. Roode finally woke up and was escorted to the back by refs and trainers.

-Due to an altercation earlier in the day at the Performance Center Andrade “Cien” Almas will face Drew McIntyre next week.

Opening Match: Andrade “Cien” Almas Vs. Danny Burch

Danny Burch opened a lot of eyes at the UK Tournament, now trying to make a name for himself against Almas. Almas early not showing any respect to Burch as he sits in between the ropes taunting his opponent. The UK vet remained focused while giving Almas some taunting of his own.

Andrade anger left him vulnerable as Burch took early control of the match. Almas quickly turned things around displaying his pure aggression. Burch tried to create space but unwisely let the NXT Universe distract him for the task at hand.

Almas took full advantage with a vicious kick to the back I’d Burch’s head. Almas smelled blood I the water as he delivered the Running Knees to the corner. Almas picked up the limp Burch and delivered La Sombra (Hammerlock DDT) for the 1,2,3.

Winner by pinfall: Andrade “Cien” Almas

-NXT presents a vinyet dedicated to the undefeated, longest reining NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. Every women in the division gave their piece on why Asuka is the best. The also believe they have finally found her weakness, who will be the one to dethrone the Empress Of Tomorrow?

-We see the final build up before tonight’s main event between Tye Dillinger and Eric Young.

Women’s Tag Team Match: Aliyah & Liv Morgan Vs. Peyton Royce & Billie Kay

The feud between the Iconic Duo and Liv Morgan has been going for quite some time. Aaliyah is just another casualty caught between the crossfire. Aaliyah and Morgan decided to team up against Royce and Kay after the altercation at the performance center earlier in the day.

Morgan and Kay starts things off, it was difficult for either lady to get the upper hand being they know each other moves so well. Morgan gains the advantage with her patent Jersey Roll. Incomes Aliyah with a huge Leg Drop off the second rope.

Kay turn the tide with a huge right hand. Kay makes the smart tag so her partner Peyton Royce. Aliyah attempted to create space, but Royce counters with a huge Spinning Leg Kick coming milliseconds of the victory.

In a bit of trouble Aliyah tries to dive for a tag to her partner Morgan. Royce catches Aliyah in mid-air, Aaliyah escaped and attempts a Sunset Flip. Peyton claps her hands with Kay’s to avoid the pin. Morgan comes in and Dropkicks Billie to the floor as a Aliyah completes the Sunset Flip for the win.

Winners by pinfall: Aliyah & Liv Morgan

Main Event Steel Cage Match: Tye Dillinger Vs. Eric Young W/ SAnitY

Well…Technically without SAnitY as Eric instructed his followers to stay in the back. EY gets to the ring but refuses to enter attempting some last-minute psychological warfare. This strategy seems to have had zero effect on Dillinger as the fired up Canadian screams for a EY to get in the ring.

Eric answers the call and enters the cage to a big right hand. Dillinger then closes the cage himself wanting to end this Feud once and for all. Little to no wrestling was displayed for the first moments of the contest as both men simply wanted to inflict punishment.

Dillinger tries for the Tyebreaker, EY digs his nails into the face of Dillinger to free himself. Now opens up his favorite book, the book of torture. EY tried to exit the cage but Dillinger has too much fight left in him to let the match end so soon.

Dillinger continually tries to climb out of the cage. EY and Dillinger battle on top of the cage. Young gets the best of the exchange and caps it off with a massive Sitout Powerbomb. Dillinger has to come to the realization that he’s in EY’s world it must adapt to survive.

Dillinger come to this realization and begin to build momentum by fighting instead of wrestling Young. Dillinger attempts to climb out the cage again but it’s caught by Young. The two once again battle on top of the cage both men bleeding profusely out of the head.

Eric had all but the match won, all the SAnitY leader had to do was climb over the top of the cage. Instead Eric planted his feet and leaped off the cage delivering a heart-stopping elbow to Dillinger in the middle of the ring.

Unable to put Dillinger away EY turns up the intensity with a devilish look at his eyes ready to finish off Tye once and for all. Dillinger digs deep out of nowhere lands the Tyebreaker. Dillinger drags his limp body towards the cage door, incomes SAnitY and locks Dillinger back inside the ring.

Outcomes Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno and Ruby Riot to aid their friend from SAnitY. Killian Dane destroys Strong by slamming his body off the cage. Dane then tries to enter the cage but Dillinger knocks him off. As Dillinger tries to climb out the cage he’s meet by Alexander Wolfe.

Dillinger knocks Wolfe down as well. Instead of the victory, Dillinger follows the blueprint of Young leaping off the top of the cage with a Cross Body landing on Young and Dane. The rest of SAnitY tries to enter the ring, but Dillinger slips free and drags himself to ring floor for the much deserved win and ending this feud once and for all.

Winner: Tye Dillinger



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