NXT Results 3/8: Nakamura Returns Asuka Has A New #1 Contender

Hello to all PCPB readers I’m Danny Finn here with another Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause why? You know why the Beat goes on and on DIG IT!!! Last night on NXT we saw the return of Shunsuke Nakamura, a battle between Ember Moon and Billie Kay to determine who will face Asuka for her NXT Women’s Title at TakeOver: Orlando and AOP looking for revenge towards The Revival for last week’s attack (here.) If you guys like this review and all that PCPB has to offer just enter your email and subscribe to receive new posts by our great writers here at PCPB.

Opening Match: Tye Dillinger Vs. Eric Young W/ SAnitY

This feud between brewing since Tye Dillinger refused to join SAnitY. Will all come to an end tonight? Knowing Eric Young…doubt it. As SAnitY enters the ring, Young stops the rest and informs them to go to the locker room. It seems Young wants to keep to his word and take on Dillinger one on one.

SAnitY: Alexander Wolfe (left) Killian Dane (center) Nikki Cross (right) taking out Roderick Strong (bottom)

Young being a master of psychology as SAnitY returned with a beaten-down Roderick Strong. Outcomes No Way Jose to aid Strong with Dillinger. A few refs take Strong to the back. Jose and Dillinger storms to the ring to avenge their fallen ally. Jose and Dillinger put up a good fight, but the numbers were too much as Jose and Dillinger laid at the feet of Young and SAnitY.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are in the Performance Center making home memories on their cell phone. The Iconics where looking for a nice spot to place their Break Out Of The Year award. On the midst of finding a nice spot, the BFF’s spots Ember Moon getting done extra work in the gym. Moon comes out looking for a, but the Aussies wanted no part and found another spot to place their trophy.

NXT presented and vinyet of a new unnamed Super Star.  I must admit, this vinyet sad ominous yet awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s all about.

Courtesy of WWE.com

Singles Match: HoHo Lun Vs. Andrade Cien Almas

Andrade Cien Almas has been a very different wrestler since tiring heel. Almas is more aggressive and showing new wrinkles in his arsenal. Almas knowing he’s the bigger man arrogantly sizes up the smaller HoHo Lun. Andrade lunges towards attacking Lun taking early control of the match. Almas using little wrestling is simply mauling Lun. Almas hits Lun with an Enziguri, not even going for a cover continues to beat on Lun. Lun trying to build momentum gets caught with a huge lariat. Almas finishes off Lun with a Headlock DDT for the victory.

Winner by pin fall: Andrade Cien Almas

Women’s Division Singles Match: Billie Kay Vs. Ember Moon

Earlier I the show we saw the Iconic Duo getting under Moon’a skin at the NXT Performance Center. With that and recent performances from Moon and Kay, NXT GM William Regal will have a close eye on this match with the winner to face Asuka for her NXT Women’s Title. Kay taking Moon too lightly gets caught with a dropkick. Moon follows with a Cross body for a two count.

Billie Kay (left) being dropkicked by Ember Moon (right)

Kay reaches out for help from Royce. Moon pulls both ladies in the ring, and Mood distracted by Royce gets hit from behind by Kay. Kay gives Moon a Slingshot under the ropes targeting Moon’s throat. Moon tries to rally with a roll up, but Kay was immediately kicked out. Kay catches Moon with a Meet Defeat Coming Close to snapping Moon’s undefeated streak.

Billie begins to get in a groove landing strong shots. Moon fires back, but Kay prepared drops Moon with a Spinning Forearm for another near fall. Billie now taunting Moon, the disrespect angers Ember who explodes with a flurry of kicks finishing with an Enziguri.

Moon on fire drives a huge running knee to Kay’s face in the corner. Moon goes to the top rope for the Eclipse. Royce tries to interfere, but Moon scares her off. Moon delivers the Eclipse to a dazed Kay for the win.

Winner by pin fall: Ember Moon

After the match, Billie Kay remained laid out in the ring. The NXT med staff rushes to the ring to check on the Kay. Billie slowly sits up informing the staff on her ailments. Kay gets up and walks to the back on her own. It appears just to be a stinger.

NXT catches up with Shinsuke Nakamura’s opponent TJ Perkins. TJP states he’s very excited to be back in NXT despite wanting the Cruiserweight Title back. According to Perkins, Nakamura claims that Perkins stole his moves back in the Dojo in Japan. Perkins begged to differ stating he only steals moments.

Tag Team Match: The Revival Vs. The Ealy Brothers

Holy smokes their twins. The Ealy Brothers making their debut against The Revival. The Ealy Brothers get attacked firm being by the NXT Tag Team Champions Authors Of Pain. AOP takes the ring scaring off The Revival. AOP takes one of the twins and drops him with the Last Chapter. AOP definitely made a statement to the NXT Universe that those Revival are finished at TakeOver: Orlando.

NXT GM William Regal makes the announcement backstage next to Ember Moon. Ember Moon will face Asuka at TakeOver: Orlando. Moon says there will be a new phase in the NXT Women’s Division.

Tom Phillips sits with Kassius Ohno wanting his thoughts on returning to NXT. Kassius remembers before the Performance Center before it had all the equipment. Remembers the moving trucks from Tampa unloading to an empty warehouse. Kassius reminisced wrestling all over the world and now coming to NXT and TakeOver: Orlando becoming the NXT world champion.

Next Bobby Roode via satellite from his home in Toronto. Roode immediately shuts Phillips up to address Kassius Ohno’s remarks. Who says he’s worked hard to clean up NXT to his standards. Roode feels Ohno brings NXT down and promise at TakeOver: Orlando the NXT Title will remain with him. Roode also promised to continue making NXT Glorious.

Main Event: Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. TJ Perkins

Tonight's Main Event.

There are many questions to be answered by Nakamura since losing his title to Rude back at takeover San Antonio. Nakamura spent time of rehabilitating his injured knee ready for a test run against TJ Perkins. Perkins begins the match with a leg kick to Nakamura’s injured knee. Shinsuke checks to kick and is looking strong so far. Perkins shoots boy takedown Nakamura scrolls with both men cautiously getting back up to their feet.

Both combatants showing off their MMA backgrounds throwing strikes only to hit air. Perkins and Nakamura locks up, as they tussle to the ropes Shinsuke backs off of Perkins but not before giving TJ his classic taunt. Nakamura tells Perkins to bring it Perkins attack coming to the mind games of Nakamura. Perkins with tricks in his own bag counters with a Spinning Headscissors called the Flying Flask. TJ keeps the hold on Nakamura’s neck. Shinsuke tries to break free, but TJ holds on and lands another Flying Flask.

Holding Nakamura down, Perkins gives Shinsuke some taunting of his own. Nakamura being the wily veteran takes that split-second to kick up out of the hold. Nakamura now on his feet gets Perkins his own version of the Dab. Off to the Races as both men pick up The pace countering off the ropes. TJ gets the best of the exchange with a Flying Headscissors that sends Nakamura to the outside.

TJ tries for a Springboard Dropkick to the outside. Shinsuke catches TJ, tripping him onto the apron and delivers a big knee strike. She is now in full control showing he still got it. TJ fights back attempts a sunset flip. Nakamura rolls through, tries for a basement drop kick. Perkins moves out-of-the-way and drops and elbow onto the injured knee of Shinsuke. Ignoring the pain since Shinsuke leaps up with an Enziguri. Nakamura follows a dazed Perkins into the corner and gives some Good Vibrations.

Shinsuke charges in for what seemed to be an elbow, Perkins leaps over Nakamura and counters with a big Neckbreaker. As both men struggle to their feet, TJ gives Shinsuke a taste of his own medicine landing some fierce kicks. TJ lands a Basement Dropkick followed by a big elbow to Nakamura in the corner. TJ goes to the air first landing the Springboard Dropkick (second times the charm.) TJ then followed up with a Springboard DDT. TJ looked to finish Nakamura with the Detonation Kick. Shinsuke transitions rolling into an Armabr then a Triangle Choke.

TJ rolls the choke into a unique pinning combination to break the hold. Nakamura with fight left in him tried for another Enziguri, TJ ducks but Shinsuke catches him with a Spinning Leg Lariat. Reverting back to his Strong Style backs TJ into the corner for his signature Double Knees. TJ counters going off the top rope with a Dropkick aiming for Shinsuke’s bad knee. TJ tries for a Dragon Screw Leg Whip but Shinsuke transitions into another Triangle Choke. Both men are rolling in the ring exchanging on bars. TJ transitions the Armbar into a Sharpshooter. PJ finally sinks in the kneebar torturing the knee of Nakamura. Nakamura makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Both men exchanged shots with Nakamura getting the best of TJ with big knees to the face. TJ creates space with a kick to the head. Perkins ascends to the top rope but has his legs from under him.

With Perkins laying across the top rope Shinsuke finally lands the Double Knees. Shinsike now looking for Kinshasa, TJ counters the finisher but gets caught with a Backstabber. Nakamura takes TJ up with a Reverse Exploder setting him up for the Kinshasa for the 1-2-3.

Winner by pin fall: Shinsuke Nakamura

GM William Regal makes another announcement. The winner of next week’s title match between Bobby Roode vs. Kassius Ohno will face Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: Orlando.



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