WWE NXT Results 3/29: Women’s Title Match Made Official, Who Will Leave NXT Tonight?

What’s up, fellow pro wrestling fanatics and PCPB readers. I’m Danny Finnz of Pipe Culture Pipe Bomb, here to give you your NXT results.

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This is the final NXT until TakeOver: Orlando. Contracts are signed and someone has their last NXT match. A lot to go over so let’s get into here at The Pro Wrestling Beat. Cuz why, you know why; The Beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

Opening Triple Threat Match: Johnny Gargano Vs. Dash Wilder Vs. Akam

Both #DIY and The Revival believe that they are the rightful #1 Contenders to the NXT Tag Team Titles held by the Author’s Of Pain. NXT GM William Regal decided to have a singles triple threat match as a preview before TakeOver: Orlando.

Right at the opening bell, Akam directs his focus on Dash Wilder for Revivals sneak attacks for the past couple of days. Gargano gets involved as he and Wilder begin to double team the powerhouse Akam. Wilder tries to double cross Gargano but Johnny Wrestling was one step ahead.

Akam regains his focus after anyone in his path. Wilder with the help of his partner escapes the danger and both men head to the back wanting nothing to do with this match.

The triple threat turns into a one on one with Akam picking up where he left off using his brute strength against the smaller Gargano to take control of the contest. Johnny known for his resilience begins to fight back using speedy kicks and his aerial attacks.

Gargano seemed to be gaining the momentum, but Akam’s power buys the champ breathing space. Gargano digging deep lands a series of Super Kicks almost getting the victory.

As all four men begin to brawl, this is the exact kind of match AOP getting the best of the exchange. Akam flattens Gargano with a Powerbomb. As Akam goes for the pin he’s distracted by the ever so clever Dawson, Wilder sneaks into the ring and steals the victory.

Winner by pinfall: Dash Wilder

It’s no secret now who’s the mysterious NXT newcomer is. The anticipated debut of Aleister Black takes on Andrade “Cien” Almas at TakeOver: Orlando.

Tag Team Match: Heavy Machinery Vs. Johnathan Ortagan and  Mike Marshall

Knight starts off the match with Ortagan, Knight immediately catches Ortagan with a huge Hiptoss. Ortagan gets to his feet and tries for a dive off the second rope but is caught by the Knight. Knight tosses Ortagan to the tagged in Dozovic. Dozovic continues to show off their power.

Machinery display some power tandem offense forcing Ortagan to make the tag to the reluctant Marshall. The team of Ortagan and Marshall tries desperately to fit back but no avail as Heavy Machinery continued to dominate. Machinery finishes off their foes with a finisher that resembled the great British Bulldogs for the 1-2-3.

Winners by pinfall: Heavy Machinery

Official Contract Signing For The NXT Women’s Title: Asuka & Ember Moon

Asuka wastes no time with her mind games trying to rattle the challenger. Moon seemed to be unphased by the champs tricks. Both ladies are well prepared for their battle this Saturday. I must add this is the first time I’ve seen a contract signing with out a fight breaking out.

In an ominous backstage interview, Paul Ellering with AOP states that its Natural Law; Survival of the fittest that keeps AOP on top. Ellering believes that #DIY fairy tale is over. Ellering believes that he has the algorithm for success that both The Revival and #DIY wishes to have in their corner.

Main Event Loser Leaves NXT: Kassius Ohno Vs. Elias Sampson

Will Kassius Ohno return to NXT be short-lived or will Elias Sampson drift off into the sunset.

Sampson quickly goes for the win with a roll up. Ohno returned the favor with a roll up of his own as both men want to stay in NXT. Ohno gains early control of the match keeping Sampson off balanced with a Senton Splash and Basement Dripkick through the ropes.

Sampson now on the outside catches Ohno off guard sending Ohno into the steel steps. Elias starts to aggressively increase the pressure desperately wanting to keep his job. Sampson locks in the Crossface trying to secure the victory.

Ad Ohno struggles to escape, Sampson rolls through to maintain the submission. Ohno eventually reaches the ropes but that doesn’t stop Sampson from looking for the win. Elias begins to put the boot to Ohno. Ohno catches the last attempt by Sampson and counters with a Jumping Knee.

Ohno leaps with the Cyclone Boot for a two count. Sampson shoots in for a double leg tries for the pin using the toes for leverage. The referee sees this and prevents Elias from stealing the victory. Sampson desperately counters Ohno’s Big Elbow with a backside for the near fall.

Elias looks for anything to take out Ohno with no avail. Sampson finally lands his Swinging Neckbreaker but Kassius kicks out. Sampson tries for it again but Ohno reverses it and blasts Sampson with his Big Elbow for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Kassius Ohno

Sampson wakes up and realizes that his days with NXT are over. The NXT Universe in jubilation chanting “Drift Away.” The referee class for security to remove Elias from the building. As security forcefully escorts Elias to the back, “The Drifter” simply wanted to leave with his guitar.

Kassius had other plans smashing Sampson’s guitar in front of his face. A devastated Elias is carried off backstage with the NXT Universe rubbing it in changing “you deserve it.”





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