NXT Results (2/15): Bate Defends UK Title

What’s really good? To all pro wrestling fanatics across the web. For those who follow, I thank you. I want to apologize for my absence, but I’m back and in full effect to give you your Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause here at PCPB; the beat goes on and on…DIG IT.

OK, now that’s out of the way; lets dive right in (For those American Dad fans, you know where I’m coming from.) NXT, from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. I must admit Triple H has really shown that he has the ability to create and showcase new talent from around the world to build a  strong future for WWE. Alright, let’s get it…

Opening Tag Team Match: Authors Of Pain (C) W/ Paul Ellering Vs. Spears & Anoa’i.

Really, this could have been a two on one cause the tag champs made this look too easy. I love it cause it makes my job easy LOL. AOP came in to break a sweat and collect a pay-day.

AOP decimated Spears &Anoa’i, finishing them off with the Final Chapter for the 1,2,3. AOP wasn’t finished yet. The champs reminded the NXT Universe that they had another devastating move in the Super Collider. Sending a message to The Revival for their attack last week.

Winner by pin fall: Authors Of Pain W/ Paul Ellering.

NXT gives us a nice vinyett of the WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate. Bate will be defending his title, later on, tonight against Trent Seven.

Women’s Tag Team Match: Billie Kay & Peyton Royce Vs. Liv Morgan and Ember Moon

Last week Kay and Royce demanded a match with Liv Morgan to GM William Regal. Regal gave the OK with the condition that Morgan could pick her partner. Kay Royce felt supremely confident being that Liv didn’t have any friends.

Liv may not have “friends”, but what she has is respect. One of those who shares in that respect is Ember Moon. With that, Liv to the surprise of Kay and Royce choose Moon to be her partner.

The match begins with Moon showing off her counter attacks with a sweet Head Scissors to Kay. Moon attempts what seemed like a spring-board attack from the corner. Kay stopped the attack, pulling on Moon’s shorts. Liv tries to come to Ember’s aid. Instead, she was more of a distraction as Kay and Royce trip Moon off the top ropes.

Kay and Royce with the upper hand begin their tandem tag work. As Kay and Royce keep Moon in the corner, they both use their long legs and flexibility to choke Moon with their boot. Moon, using her strength to create some space to make the tag to Morgan at the same time Kay tags in Royce. Liv comes in fired up landing some good shots.

Kay was able to Moon out of the ring with a boot to the face. This gave the BFF’s a chance to finish off Morgan with a combination knee attack for the victory.

Winners by pinfall: Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

First, a recap of last week’s battle between SAnitY and Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose and Roderick Strong. Strong and Jose gave their reason why they helped Dillinger, stating they don’t like bullies and how they must stand up and put a stop to SAnitY attacks.

#DIY comes to the ring to give their thoughts on winning the tag titles to only lose them to AOP. Fired up, #DIY wants their rematch to reclaim the belts. That didn’t sit well with the current champs, as AOP came to the ring and shut up the former champs leaving them laid out in the middle of the ring.

Next, a vinyett of the return of Kassius Ohno.

GM William Regal announces that there will be women’s number one contender’s triple threat match between Billie Kay, Peyton Royce and Ember Moon. The winner will face Asuka in two weeks for the NXT Women’s Title.

WWE United Kingdom Championship Match: Tyler Bate (C) Vs. Trent Seven

In the main event, Tyler Bate for the first time defends his UK Title against his Trent Seven. There’s a lot of history between the two as they were once tag team partners back in the UK. This is NXT, and this is for WWE gold, so both men will bring their A game tonight.

The match begins with Bate and Seven felling each other out. Each time one puts the other on the ropes, not only we get a clean break both men groom the others moustache. The feeling out process turns into a test if strength. As Seven insists Bates goes to ropes and gives his best shoulder tackle. Try after try the smaller Bate is unsuccessful. Seven then takes it upon himself to show Bate a proper shoulder tackle for a narcissistic two count. Bate counters Seven’s attack with a Dropkick. Bate takes over the match wearing down Trent with a Hammerlock on the right arm.

Bate gets Tent to his feet to land a series of European Uppercuts. Trent fiercely counters the last Uppercut with a Backside for a near fall. Trent gets Bate to the corner but Tyler baits Seven in for European Uppercut off the second turnbuckle. Trent goes to the outside to regroup, Bate books a flight on the Concord and lands a Crossbody to Seven on the outside.

Bate gets Trent back into the ring, and out of nowhere, Seven explodes with a Fireman’s Carry Driver for another near fall. Seven goes for the Seven Star Lariat, but Bate had it well scouted countering with the Airplane Spin. Bate’s muscles Trent up for a German Suplex. Trent elbows Bates and reverses it to a Dragon Suplex. Trent lands a Powerbomb it looked as if Seven had the win but instead goes for a Single leg Boston Crab.

Bate was close to giving up. Instead, he digs deep and kicks Trent twice in the face. Bate gets up to let Trent meet Bop and Bang. Seven gets right up and lands the Seven Star Lariat. Bate was a millisecond away from losing his championship on the first defence. Trent frustrated goes to the top rope. Bate leaps up with a beautiful Dropkick. Bate goes up as well and both men battle to land something big to put the other away.

Bate succeeded landing a Super Exploder for another near fall. The crowd cheering both men on Bate goes for the finish. There’s still a little fight left in the challenger. Both men go back and forth with Bate exploding with a Rolling Kick. In his last feat of strength, the champ connects with the Tyler Driver 97′ for the well-deserved victory.

Winner by pinfall: Still WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate





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