NXT Results (2/1): The Follow-Up After TakeOver: San Antonio


After an amazing Royal Rumble weekend, NXT is back for another episode of great wrestling action. This week we begin with a flashback of the historic night at TakeOver: San Antonio. If you missed its on demand at the WWE Network.

Opening match: Ember Moon Vs. Aliyah

I must admit this was a fast paced match. Both ladies had each other well scouted, cause neither women really took the upper hand on this match. Ember Moon and Aliyah displayed nice pinning combinations and sleek counter moves. It was Moon who showed she had the strength and the experience, finishing off her foe with the Eclipse to remain undefeated.

Winner by pin fall: Ember Moon

WWE Network Exclusive Interviews:

WWE Network aired exclusive interviews throughout tonight’s show. First the network caught up with SAnitY. Eric Young let the WWE Universe about choices and making the right ones. SAnitY makes the right choices in taking what they want.

After, Tye Dillinger talks to the network before his Royal Rumble match. Dillinger says it’s a privilege to be apart of WWE history. Dillinger spoke again after the Rumble match reiterating that when you go through the WWE history books he will be there as a contestant in the Royal Rumble.

Asuka was asked after her title defence about being challenged by Ember Moon. Asuka wanted to know; Who’s  Ember Moon?

Cameras catch up with Moon for a retort to Asuka’s question. Moon simply put when the two meet Asuka will know exactly who Ember Moon is.

Special Attraction Match: Tyler Bate Vs. Oney Lorcan

Tyler Bate was making his NXT debut after winning the WWE United Kingdom Championship back in January. Bate and Lorcan competed in a high octane style of match with neither man truly getting the upper hand. Bate’s tenacity is what got the UK Champ over to get the victory.

Winner by pin fall: Tyler Bate

After Roderick Strong victory over Andrade Cien Almas, Strong stayed it didn’t matter who was in the ring he was coming out the victory. Now the WWE Universe knows who Roderick Strong is.

The Network then spoke with Authors Of Pain and Paul Ellering. Ellering make it clear that there was a new law in NXT, and that law is the Authors Of Pain.

We get a recap of the ‘Glorious’ match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode. The Network camera’s followed the injured Nakamura to the backstage area. Shinsuke was met by Triple H and Chris Hero as they consoled the fallen King Of Strong Style.

Following Nakamura we catch up with the new NXT Champion. Roode had to correct the “new girl” letting her and the WWE Universe that it’s a new era, the Bobby Roode Era, and it will be glorious.

Farewell Segment for Corey Graves

The last segment before tonight’s main event, was farewell vinyet to Corey Graves. Graves who’s been apart of NXT since day one will now be permanently announcing for Raw and 205 Live. The clip was heartfelt, as we got to see another side of the retired in ring competitor turned announcer. The good news is Corey is not leaving, he’s just having his work load has lightened.

Main Event: No Way Jose Vs. Elias Samson

This match was made from a couple of weeks ago, when Elias Samson interrupted No Way Jose victory to sing him a song. Jose frustrated challenged Elias to a match. The match began with Elias coming straight at Jose with a front dropkick. Elias offense was short-lived as Jose took full control of the match.

Jose attempts a high risk maneuver, only to get tripped up by The Drifter. Samson takes over the match with pure anger wearing down Jose. As Elias tries to choke the life from Jose, the energy brings No Way back to his feet and mounts late rally. Jose attempts his big right had, Elias had it well scouted blocking the shot. Elias goes to ropes but gets caught with a Pop-up KO Punch by Jose for the win.

Winner by pin fall: No Way Jose



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