NXT Results 1/25/17: All Aboard! Next Stop San Antonio Ladies Face Off One Last Time.

What’s good this evening to all my pro wrestling fanatics. I’m Danny Finn of The PopCulturePipeBomb here with another Pro Wrestling Beat. Cause as you already know, the beat goes on and on…DIG IT!!!

All aboard! Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fl is our last boarding stop before heading out to San Antonio. This is the last NXT show before TakeOver: San Antonio TX.

Challenge Match: Ember Moon Vs. Liv Morgan

Last week Liv Morgan laid out a friendly challenge to Ember Moon to see who’s up next in line for the NXT Women’s Championship after TakeOver this Saturday.

Both ladies dive right in showcasing their athleticism. One part I really admired was the reversing rolling small package. Morgan was the first to get the upper hand landing some strong shots to Moon, then tried to finish with a jumping guillotine choke.

Moon, powers out of the choke dropping Morgan over the top rope to the outside floor. Liv staggers to her feet only to be on the receiving end of a baseball slide off the apron by Moon. Moon tosses Morgan into the ring goes off the top rope with The Eclipse for the 1,2,3.

Winner by pinfall: Ember Moon

Backstage W/ Andrade “Cien” Almas

Andrade was reminded of his comments made towards Roderick Strong. Almas made clear he was going to kick Roddy in the face. Almas continued only to be interrupted by Strong. Strong felt if Cien was going to kick him in the face, the chance was right now. Almas walked away wanting no parts, or so we thought. Andrade rushes Strong knocking down. It wasn’t in the face, but Almas got a nice kick off the Strong’s back.

We take a look back at #DIY winning the NXT Tag Titles at TakeOver: Toronto. Celebration only turned into pain and Paul Ellering is the author. Will Paul’s prophecy comes true as Authors Of Pain take on #DIY at TakeOver: San Antonio.

Singles Match: No Way Jose Vs. Kona Reeve

Jose and Reeve begin testing their technical skills. Reversal after reversal, Jose breaks Kona concentration with a little fiesta. In control, Jose lands a deep head toss arm drag. Reeve plays into the game wanting to dance with Jose. Jose takes the bait, Kona gives Jose a throat thrust.

Kona, getting aggressive puts the boot to No Way. Jose fires back only to be countered with a Samoan Drop. Kona gives Jose some more leather finishing with a fist licking punch. (Resembles when The Rock would spit into his hand before the final blow.) Reeve goes Aloha, surfing on No Ways back before landing an elbow for a one count.

Kona picks up Jose, locks in an abdominal stretch. Kona digs his nails and elbow to really punish Jose. No Way feels the vibe from the fans and escapes with a hip toss. Jose leans into the corner for a breath. In comes Kona only to get countered with a boot to the face. Kona rushes in again, this time hitting nothing but rope.

Jose throws Reeve in the air with a Flap Jack. Jose was feeling the groove, pops Kona with a few jabs to the mouth. Jose is now looking for the big right hand, but Reeve had it well scouted ducking and giving Jose a reverse kick to the stomach. Kona tries to capture the moment put to no avail, as Jose pops Reeve up to fall into Joes’s right hand for the KO finish.

Winner by pinfall: No Way Jose

Jose victory Fiesta was cut short by “The Drifter” Elias Samson. With his guitar, Elias sings a song to Jose. Jose stops the misery to Samson some singing lessons. Everybody! Just Drift away. Samson doesn’t take it to well, charges the apron and met with a right hand. Your winner once again No Way Jose.

Singles Match: Chris Atkins Vs. Eric Young W/ SAnitY

Noting much to this squash match. The biggest highlights for me was the revealing of Killian Dane (formerly known as Big Damo) and Young’s aggressive nature.  We see Knees to the face, elbows to the back of the neck, and a reverse guillotine from the second rope. Young even had time to throw jabs at his TakeOver opponent Tye Dillinger. Young finished the match with an elbow off the side of the ropes to Atkins spine, followed by a Wheel Barrel German Suplex for the win.

Winner by pinfall Eric Young W/ SAnitY

After the match Eric unleashes Killian Dane to feed on the scraps of Chris Atkins, sending a message to Tye Dillinger.

Flashback to last week, TM61 victory over The Revival. 61’s victory was short-lived, as Revival doesn’t take losing too well. Dash and Wilder worked over Shane Thorne’s knee, leaving him in the ring for medical attention. Come to find out; Thorn truly injured the receiving surgery in Orlando this past week. Thorne’s time line is set for 7 to 9 months.

NXT gives us one last awesome vinyet of Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode leading up to TakeOver: San Antonio.

In-Ring Segment: William Regal W/ Peyton Royce, Billy Kay, Nikki Cross, Asuka

GM Regal firstly states that the ladies involved in the TakeOver main event will not fight in the ring. Kay and Royce enter the ring first. Both ladies believe that they run the NXT women’s division. Both ladies bragged on how they already beat on Asuka and Nikki Cross was just a lunatic. Kay and Royce believe that one of them will leave San Antonio as the new NXT Women’s Champion. (At least they won’t be splitting it.) Next out is SAnitY Nikki Cross.

Cross, waits for the champ who comes running out not wanting for her theme music to play. Asuka runs straight for Royce and Kay. Both ladies escape the ring, where it’s just Cross and Asuka. Asuka and Cross stare each other down, waiting to see who makes the first move. Kay and Royce are the first as both ladies sneak in the ring and attacks Asuka and Nikki.

The Champ and Cross retaliate, landing fierce elbows then throws both ladies out in-stereo. Asuka and Cross resume sizing each other up. In comes NXT security. The security guards need security as Asuka and Cross beat down the peacekeepers. The men finally get Asuka to the outside. Cross climbs to the top rope leaps off and splashes the guards and Asuka knocking everyone out. Kay and Royce stands at the top of the entrance in utter fear wondering what have they got themselves into.

The show ends with the question who is the favorite going into the NXT Women’s Title match. I personally have no idea, but I can’t wait to find out in three days.

I will be back Saturday night with the NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, TX review. I hope you watch for your own enjoyment cause its going to be Glorious. (Yeah, I said it.) Don’t forget to tune in the next day for the 30th annual Royal Rumble only on the WWE Network.


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