No Halftime: The New Way to Bet on Fantasy Sports

No Halftime takes the world of fantasy sports betting to a new level with a simple interface and opportunities to make challenges on NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL and PGA. They are currently making strides toward adding NASCAR and ATP, but encourage their players to suggest other sport leagues to add in future updates. Players can create challenges that pit player vs player or team vs team instead of making all the betting parameters yourself. No Halftime is currently available only to iOS users, but for Android users, you can go to their website and download their APK file. App is available on HTML5 as well.


No Halftime’s simple interface doesn’t make players struggle to set the challenge parameters themselves by searching through virtual salary caps. Instead, players can easily select athletes or teams for daily challenges and can see who are the popular players that day. Unlike traditional sports betting, No Halftime’s challenge interface operates using fantasy sports points. When players make a challenge, they must pick the intended player or team and choose an opponent. One thing to note, however, is that when players are making challenges they cannot choose athletes that are playing in the same game.

When you’re making a challenge, you can make a group with your friends and create leagues to send private challenges. Even if you aren’t in a league, you can still see, accept and decline challenges made by other players. Challenges are available in each sport, but players can also select which sports they want to see and make challenges for their favorite athletes. When players see a challenge, they just swipe “Right” to accept or simply swipe “Left” to decline and the challenge will not show up again.


Like many sports betting apps, No Halftime allows users to deposit and withdraw real money. Instead of making players go through hoops to deposit their money, No Halftime’s simple interface also applies to depositing money. Players can link their PayPal account to the No Halftime app or use clearXchange (Bank-to-Bank transfer) to easily deposit their wager money. No Halftime gives multiple wallet options, and players can either leave their wallet empty with $0 or deposit up to $500. When you win a challenge, players can easily and quickly withdraw their winnings instantaneously. Players can also post their challenges to their social media accounts to get more friends involved and increase the odds.

Sports fans that love fantasy sports and betting should consider No Halftime as their new sports betting app. While it does operate off fantasy points, the app’s clean and simple interface draws players in and has players coming to make daily challenges. No Halftime takes traditional sports betting to a new level, but players need to make sure they’re not having too much fun and keep in mind that it is real money at stake.

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