Nintendo Switch: GameCube Games for the Virtual Console

Nintendo Switch has become one of the hardest game systems to get your hands on since the launch. I personally am not actively trying to get it, but my poor sister and brother cannot seem to purchase this legacy from anywhere. Seriously, it’s been sold out in seconds of a restock at any of our local stores. Quite amazing really. And to think, it didn’t even launch with its virtual console, imagine how crazy that is going to be once it’s released.

With no word yet on when they will release the virtual console for the Nintendo Switch yet, there are plenty to be said about the system allowing retro GameCube games for download on this godfather of systems. One of the biggest conversations out there is of the game, Super Smash Bros: Melee. Apparently, this will be one of the games expected to be available for the GameCube downloads. Super Smash Bros has to be one of the most popular Cube games I have seen (and the most awesome.) Launching in 2001, this game became widely favored among those who owned the system and would most likely be played at any party. (I know of a few parties that may have had tournaments to see who was king or queen of the melee)

The GameCube was first launched in Japan in Sept 2001, then released in the US in Nov 2001 and was extremely popular. The Square console gave the flat rectangle versions of the other Nintendo systems an upstage but was soon found to be a bit bulky. But none the less, there was still much love for the block system. Now there isn’t a for sure list of what should be available once the GameCube emulator is ready for Nintendo Switch Virtual Console, but here are just a few I would love to see in the mix.

  • Mario Kart: Double Dash; There is not a Mario Kart I have not played, to be it’s a must to have this apart of any Nintendo system.

  • Luigi’s Mansion: The spooky, dark and unique Ghostbuster-esque feel to this game was fantastic. Plus you get to Luigi as the main character of the game instead of his show-stealing brother.

  • Metal Gear Solid: NO system is complete without a version of Metal Gear Solid, and what better one that the Twin Snake version.

  • Metroid Prime: Need I say more about this game, its Metroid…. Enough said

  • Paper Mario, the Thousand-Year Door: This game was just way too cute, I loved the spin that they gave to the Mario world by making it like little paper cut outs.

  • Harvest Moon; a wonderful life. Harvest Moon is a wonderful franchise for the systems. I Personally love this game and any of the others that have grown from it, plus this one you could connect with the version for Game Boy Advance “Friends of Mineral Town.”

  • Super Monkey Ball 2: Oh this game was both annoying and super fun. The idea of little monkeys, in balls, running obstacle courses or battling it out with friends was so much fun.

  • Wario World: Oh yes, Wario had his own game too. The arch nemesis of the red bodied plumber got to have his own time in the limelight plus it was pretty simple to play, especially if you played Mario 64

  • Any Mario Party game: I am pretty much addicted to these

  1. Crazy Taxi: Oh I enjoyed this game very much in the arcades, so when released for the consoles, I was all over it. I also owned it for the Dreamcatcher


Now granted these are just some games I would love to see available for the Nintendo Switch and honestly, I have only played these ones, so I don’t really have too much to go off of. But please, should you think of some to add to this list, let me know.

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