We Look Back at the Nintendo Switch Extravaganza

The Nintendo Switch Event is finally upon us! The Switch will release Worldwide on March 3rd 2017. It will cost 300.00 for the USA. You can connect the switch to the smart device. There will be online services which will be free for a period before they must be paid for. Region locking won’t be so needed for this system.

The Switch will be playable in different modes. TV Mode  is standard game mode. Tabletop is played on a table. Handheld is simple. Battery life will range from 2 1/2 hours to 6 1/2 depending on the game.

There will be local multiplayer for up to 8 Nintendo Switches.

The Joy-cons have all of the similar buttons. You can capture screen shots and eventually video. There is also an accelerometer in each. With all of these functions they can be regular controllers, it is how you share the joy they say. There are also Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy cons and wrist traps are back. There is a motion IR camera that can tell what things are in front  of it. It can make it seem like it is ice cubes in a glass with the power of HD rumble. This is really quite impressive, I have to say.

The First Game revealed is 1 2 Switch. This is a game that you play face to face. You don’t need to look at a screen to play it so it will be playable anywhere. This game will be released on March 3rd 2017 alongside the Switch.

The second game revealed is some sort of boxing game. It is called Arms and has five different characters. You hold each Joy con in a Thumbs up Pose. They then showed off some footage of the game where Spring Man faced Ribbon Girl. It looks like quite a crazy and fast paced game. You can battle against  a computer, split screen, with two switches and eventually online.

Splatoon is back and the inklings have never looked better! The game is actually Splatoon 2! A top squid scientist introduces us to a new squid type. There is a new type of weapon called a squid duelie which a dual wielded weapon.

You can play using joy cons, handheld, table top, and with a pro controller. It will also have local and online multiplayer. Splatoon 2 will be out Summer 2017.

It’s time for Mario! Mario apparently lives in a city in our world and can travel via a Top hat shaped ship. The game is called Super Mari0 Odyssey! Mario’s hat even has eyes on it! Looks rather similar to a Banjo Kazooie character to me. It will be released Holiday 2017!

Xenoblade is up next. This game is starkly different from Xenoblade Chronicles X in that it is far more Anime in spirit.

Fire Emblem Warriors is also coming out! Definitely the series I would choose!

Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI is coming alongside Dragonquest Heroes 1+2

Shin Megami Tensei is next and the development has only just started.

Octopath is also a new Rpg

Skyrim is coming to Switch and it really does look beautiful.

Suda51 is up next talking about the return of Travis Touchdown!

All of the popular sports games from EA will be coming to Switch. EA sports FIFA is going to be a very social and in depth game experience.You can play this game anywhere and with anyone in every way you might want.

It will include the console, Joy-cons, wrist straps, grip, Hdmi cable, Adapter. There will be one with neon grips and the other with just grey.

The European and American heads then came on to talk about a few of the important bits of information. Miyamoto is playing Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild is launching March 3rd!


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