Nintendo Switch Exclusive ‘Seasons of Heaven’ Receives Stunning Trailer

The first official trailer for the Nintendo Switch exclusive indie title ‘Seasons of Heaven’ has been released, and it’s safe to say it’s looking good.

The game is coming from indie developer AnyArts Production, and on a visual level is certainly impressive. Running Unreal Engine 4, the gameplay trailer gives us a pretty hefty look into the Switch’s capabilities and shows we can expect some treats to come from this console. Whilst it’s exciting that this trailer gave us some more insight into the ever-mysterious Nintendo Switch, the real takeaway was that the console looks set to receive a very intriguing game. I already mentioned how stunning the game looks, with the first half of the trailer choosing to focus on the impressive vistas within the game, but the hints of gameplay also on show points to an interesting, and possibly very story-driven, game.

The game is based off a book by the same name and “tells the story of a small group of humans that has survived the apocalypse. Now, they must come together and find a way to live in the world that remains.” With a description like that, you expect the narrative to be a crucial element of the game, and from what we’ve seen so far, that looks to be the case. Ghosts appear to be littered throughout the world, no doubt shedding light on what caused humanity’s doom, whilst giant monsters and floating islands signal the game won’t be short on action and adventure.

Much of the trailer focused on giving us our first proper look at the game, however, some gameplay details can be gleaned from what we saw. One shot saw protagonist Yann hiding behind a tree, possibly hinting at stealth mechanics, whilst it looks like you’ll also be able to control his dog Ani in order to reach new areas. Of course, this is still a game in development, so not everything looked great. Some of the player animations looked rather stiff, and it remains to be seen just how well the game will run as there were a couple notable signs of framerate issues. Nevertheless, the game has certainly grabbed my attention, and once we get a greater idea of the actual gameplay, Seasons of Heaven could end up being a highly anticipated game for the Switch. It’s already received a lot of attention for being the first game on the Switch outside ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ we’ve actually seen anything of, so let’s hope it continues to deliver and gets the attention it deserves.

‘Seasons of Heaven’ is releasing exclusively for Nintendo Switch, however, no release date has yet been given.

As you can probably tell, Joe is rather excited for this Switch exclusive game. To see his daily ramblings about how excited he is for the Nintendo Switch in general, be sure to check him out @resonantrevs on Twitter.

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