New Trailer Released for “In This Corner of the World”

While Your Name was raking in profits last year, another Anime opus was collecting awards and accolades. And surprisingly, it’s not another Shinkai or Miyazaki film. Based on the award-winning manga of the same name, In this Corner of the World has finally made it to western shores.

Take a peek at the newest trailer for the movie that won 2016’s “Animation of the Year” award in the 40th Japan Academy Prize.



The movie follows the life of Suzu, an innocent young woman who loves to draw while living in Hiroshima. She eventually marries Shusaku, a judicial officer of the Military Court. Suzu relocates to Kuse where the largest military base of the Japanese Imperial Army resides. Her perseverance amidst the harsh conditions of the war drives the narrative of the movie.

Another Name to Add among the Great Ones

Director Sunao Katabuchi successfully paints a poignant picture of the lives of ordinary Japanese citizens during World War 2 while touching on a sensitive topic in Japanese history, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Katabuchi may seem like a new comer to the latest generation of anime fans. However, I’m happy to discover that Katabuchi once worked for Studio Ghibli as the assistant director for Kiki’s Delivery Service. Katabuchi may have brought us this generation’s incarnation of Grave of the Fireflies.



Are you excited to see In this Corner of the World in theaters? Can we finally add Sunao Katabuchi among the great anime directors like Satoshi Kon, Mamoru Oshii, and Hayao Miyazaki? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more updates.




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