New Spiderman Animated Series Sets Summer Premiere As Ultimate Spiderman Ends

Marvel’s long-running animated series ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ has come to an end, with the final one hour-long, two-part series finale airing Saturday 7th January, bringing Marvel’s longest running animated show to a close. Entitled “Graduation Day” Part 1 and Part 2, the episode brings together elements from all 4 seasons of the show, bringing proceedings to a (hopefully) satisfying end.

The official synopses for the episodes are as follows:

Part 1 (7:30 – 8:00 P.M. EST)

Doctor Octopus (Doc Ock) threatens to harm Aunt May if Spidey ever puts on his mask again. Spider-Man must track down Doc Ock before he has a chance to put his plan into action.

Part 2 (8:00 – 8:30 P.M. EST)

Peter Parker must find a way to stop Doctor Octopus and the Superior Sinister Six from destroying all of the heroes in New York and taking over the world.

Ultimate Spider-Man has been a flagship Marvel series since it first aired back in 2012, incorporating all sorts of fun characters and crossovers, whilst giving us a more team oriented Spidey than we’d been given in the past. Every episode seemed to have some new and exciting idea, whether that meant meeting Howard the Duck, or taking a tour through the Multiverse. The focus on the wider Marvel universe may have been a point of contention for some who wanted to see the series focus more specifically on Spider-Man, but it has proved to be a defining and hugely enjoyable factor in the series. Besides, the focus was always on Peter Parker, the series just gave us a chance to explore some of the other Spideys out there too. Seeing Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Spider Gwen all team up on screen for example, even in animated form, was a hugely satisfying moment, and it’s moments like those that are going to cement Ultimate Spider-Man as one of Marvel’s best animated series to date.

If you are sad to see Ultimate Spider-Man go, don’t fret, because a new series will be arriving very soon to take its place. Entitled simply ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’, not a whole lot is yet known about this newest animated series. A teaser released by Disney XD simply shows off the new logo whilst announcing the Summer premiere window, however rumours have been abound that the series will feature both Miles Morales and Spider Gwen in some form. This is good news for fans of Ultimate Spider-Man especially, who have become accustomed to seeing Peter surrounded by a whole host of different characters.

The ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Series Finale airs Saturday 7th January, 7:30pm in America (so about now at the time of writing), whilst ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ is slated for Summer 2017.

Joe only discovered Ultimate Spider-Man late last year, but immediately fell in love with it. With the new show starting afresh, he’s not sure he wants to go through another Spider-Man origin story, but to check out his reactions when it does air be sure to check him out @resonantrevs on Twitter.

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