We Review The Latest Episode of New Girl SN06 EP11 – ‘Raisin’s Back’


Reagan is moving into the apartment and Nick is freaking out. Which makes sense as Reagan is not usually one to stay around. She comes in and pretty quickly he lies about having to work so he can make sure she isn’t freaked out. Jess and Reagan end up going to the bar and getting drunk, which causes Reagan to spill a secret whch leads to a mess later.


At the bar Schmidt Cece and Winston get into a competition for who will run the music in the bar when Winston breaks the jukebox ala Fonzie. Winston and Cece bet that Schmidt won’t be able to tell their fake EDM song from a real one. Winston and Cece’s relationship is a really nice one as it bother Schmidt even though it is just a tight friendship. They both have weird and similar ideas which always come out. They work really hard on the song, which Winston is always apt to do and when Schmidt can’t differentiate from a real EDM song it crushes him.

The two secrets come out which leads to a fight between Nick and Reagan. Reagan leaves to go to her secret apartment and Nick is saddened by what happened. With the help of Jess they go see her and fix things. It is beautiful seeing a character like Nick really show emotion as he has grown so much over the course of the series. Reagan and Nick are both afraid and it shows but clearly they care for each other deeply.

After losing the competition Schmidt gives up his whole identity. Winston and Cece lead the gang with a gift in tow to Schmidt and talk him up. He finally is okay with his odd choice in music once again and is happy. He does actually enjoy Winston and Cece’s song which is also rather humorous as it really was bad.

This episode was a good one as it made Nick and Reagan’s relationship stronger and also made it clear that Jess still loves Nick but is working to put her feelings aside. Winston and Cece had another classic adventure and Schmidt overreacted because it as per usual. As much as these characters change they all have intrinsic ideas and attitudes that never vanish. Can’t wait to see what happens next as Reagan lives with the gang, it is looking to be quite a humorous second half of a season.


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