Fight for the Holy Grail as Sony Teases New Fate/Grand Order Anime

The Battle for the Holy Grail continues as Sony teases a new Fate/Grand Order Anime. Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai discussed the possibility of another anime adaptation the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Hirai spoke about the upcoming project in Sony IR (Investor Relations) Day 2017 together with Music Entertainment CEO Rob Stringer and other Sony officers.

Striking while the Iron is Hot

Sony hopes to capitalize on the overwhelming success of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game which got 7 million downloads in Japan. It raised Sony Music Japan’s profits to 8% in 2016 and even surpassed Pokemon Go in revenue.

The project will be a sequel to Fate/Grand Order: First Ordera feature length special set in the year 2015 where magic still exists. It chronicles the security organization Chaldea as they travel back to 2004 to save humanity from extinction. The show aired on December 31, 2016 and featured the same servants from the mobile game. A stage play will also be performed in the Zepp Blue Theater in Roppongi, Tokyo from July 14th to 17th.

Are you ready to battle for the Holy Grail and save humanity? Tell us in the comments how much you love the Fate series. Stay tuned for more updates!

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