New Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer Has Dropped!!

April 15th, 2017 cannot get here any faster…. Well maybe time can hold on a bit for April 2nd (my birffday) but other than that it just needs to hurry up so we can see the next season of Doctor Who!!


And the BBC is at it again, relentlessly teasing us with these trailers, reminding us that it’s just barely over a month away (like a month and two days) before we get to see the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) in action with his newest companion Billy (Pearl Mackie). The newest trailer looks fantastic. New monsters, old friends/enemies, robots we have seen in previous seasons with a somewhat upgrade, yes my friends, this season promises to be amazing. Plus with this being Capaldi’s last season, it seems only fitting that he should go out with a bang. I personally am sad to see him go, I truly enjoyed him as the Doctor, and he will be missed for sure. But I am also excited to see Who else is going to be the lucky actor or actress to take part in the wonderful Whovian world.

Well either way, please enjoy this trailer, mark your calendars’ for April 15th and get ready for the thrill of the next season of Doctor Who. ^_^


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