Netflix Renews Santa Clarita Diet for a Second Season

So good news for fans of Santa Clarita Diet. Netflix has giving the show a second serving or in day-to-day talk it has been renewed for a second season. Whoohoo. Very happy to hear about this.

What makes Santa Clarita Diet so enjoyable to watch you ask? Let me tell you. If you haven’t seen it all some bits might be filled with spoilers. Not my fault you should have watched it sooner. Just kidding.

Although the show is about a zombie (the latest rage it seems) it is not all that gruesome. So the main character Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) gets sick and turns into an undead human being or more commonly known as a zombie. The diagnosis was made by the geeky next door neighbour boy. Because you need an expert right? So who would be better at it than a creeper, a kind of nerd who specialises in disturbing, weird or gruesome stuff (had to redact to original word).

Hammond family meeting the creeper aka Eric Bemis (Skyler Gisondo)

Not much has changed in her life apart from the insatiable hunger of Sheila, which has become an increasing problem. She eats people now. Where do you get bodies that are fresh and tasty? Do you go to the morgue or do you kill someone or what? Those questions and more are answered in a comedic, dramatic and sometimes slapstick kind of way.


With the help of her whole family, yep it is a family adventure, Sheila somehow knows how to handle her new life style. Date-night with husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) got a whole different meaning, when they are now out and about killing and/or eating people. They try keeping up appearances for the outside world but in the meantime. Oh my. The situations they get into are so hilarious. Won’t be giving those away. But rest assured it is worth to watch.

Sheila, Joel, their daughter and neighbour kid burying a body (or what is left of it)

This show is right up my alley. I know Santa Clarita Diet is not for all of us because of the sometimes gruesome stuff, sticking out organs and such. Some things might be a little gross; but I like that and it is more my own thoughts that make it even more gross. Like when she pops her eye back in after it fell out or when she is eating a men’s leg and a leg hair gets stuck in her teeth or when she throws up a hairball. (That was a funny scene to watch by the way if we skip the gross part of the hairball.) To get a little taste, so to speak, watch the clip below from the show. The warning is legit people. It is not for the faint-hearted.


All we know is that the second season will air sometime in 2018. So stay tuned for more info about our new favourite diet.

The Good
  • * very humoristic * great acting * refreshing show
The Bad
  • * not for the faint-hearted * lots of swearing (for those who can't stand it)
5 Essential

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