Netflix Looking Into “Choose Your Own Adventure” Options For Shows

Have you ever watched an episode of your favorite show and thought, “That’s not the way I would have ended it,” or “Why did my favorite character have to die?” and wish you could change the story? Well, this just may become a part of Netflix, where you, the viewer can change the outcome of some of your favorite shows.

Now I don’t know if any of you were into Goosebumps, but I read those books like they were going out of style, and one of the series I owned was a “choose your own fate” version where you could decide what happens to your character in the book. So instead of turning to page 10 from page 9, you may end up going to page 12 if that’s what you decided. But in the Goosebumps version, you were normally met with some gruesome end should you choose incorrectly. Which of course ended the story way too soon. That doesn’t sound like the case in these Netflix shows, though they are basing this idea from this kind of popular books that showcased in the 90’s. In the “choose your own adventure” you could alter the whole show possibly, which may make for a pretty interesting episode. But it makes you wonder how they are going to keep up with the new, ever-changing series. I mean there should be alternate endings then, right? Or are they going to keep the same ending and just let you mess around in the middle? It seems that some of the work will be focused on changing a story from the plot line, so this may just be middle work and not so much ending.. I am not sure but either way, this would make binge watching a bit more entertaining right?

The first trial run of this new interactive TV will be with children’s shows on Netflix in 2017. If this goes well then they will move onto the older audiences. Now I personally think they should try it the other way around. Of course, kids are going to love deciding if Paw Patrol is going to rescue the kitty from the tree, or if Fin and Jake are going to rescue Bubblegum from Ice King again. (Well I can see a lot of adults like to play with this one) But still, if you want a good test audience, I say pass it to the big kids first. ^_^

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