Nerdy Craft Time with Brenda: DIY Superman vs Batman Funko Pillows

OK so as you should know by now, I am a Superman girl all the way. He was my first crush and I watched his movies all the time on VHS when I went to my grandmother’s house, which I visited often. She owned Superman 1, Superman 2 and Superman 4 on VHS and this was pretty much all I would do is sit in the guest room with a bowl of carrots and watch  the late and great Christopher Reeves as he saved Lois Lane, fought General Zod and fought the other bad super dude that was made out of Superman’s hair while defeating Lex Luthor and saving the day. Yes, he was my dream man. So today, I figured the DIY should be Superman inspired, and for me, a way to get Superman in my bed is awesome 🙂


The video below is done by youtuber Hello Denise who shows us how to create a Superman Funko Cushion. She also has a video on how to do the Batman as well so if he is who you prefer (traitor,) then you can click on the little ‘I’ in the corner of the video and it will switch you to that one instead. But this video can pretty much be a guideline on making any fandom into a Funko pillow cushion.

The things you will need are:

Scissors for paper and fabric

Fabric of the colors you will need (Blue, tan, black, red, and yellow)

Large sheets of paper

Big ruler

Fabric glue

Pencil or pen

Sewing needle


Exacto knife


Sewing machine if you have it. You don’t have to have this if you don’t mind sewing by hand.

Now this DIY is a bit on the intermediate side I think, I mean it seems a little easy but there is some measuring and angles and geometry stuff going on so if you are not skilled in this area, it may be a little more challenging for you, but only a little. I am definitely going to try this; he is super cute and would look good on my bed for sure. ^_^


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