Nerdy Craft Time with Brenda: Comic Book Shoes

Hi guys! Ok, I have been waiting to do this one until I had a chance to do the project too. Which took me a bit to find the perfect comic that I wanted to use for such a fun idea. But now its almost complete except for a couple steps which is not too big of a deal so I figured I would go ahead and bring the nerdy craft of Comic Book Shoe making to you guy. Pictures of my feats are what you see in this article today so I hope you enjoy them.

Let me start by saying, I had so much fun creating these. Looking for the comic to use was the hardest part, to be honest. I love comics, so to go through and decide which one I wanted to cut up was kind of difficult to me. I cringed when I made the first cut… and maybe died a little inside… but that’s ok because the shoes I have created revived me, and now I want to try and make a pair of Converse style ones.

This is where I died

Had to find a place for Power Girl!

I did not record a video of me doing this for you guys because I don’t feel that I may be worthy of such an awesome feat, but I do bring a video from madcollective who makes this craft look fun and simple enough. I did not do everything the way she did though, in fact, I didn’t watch a video at all before I made mine…. Which now I kind of wish I did but its too late now and I am still happy with my work.


3 comics


Modge Podge Glue


Paint Brushes

Steel Wool

Nail buffer

Madcollector explains the better way to do these shoe’s, to be honest. I kind of figured it out about half way on the first shoe and decided I will go a different route on the second shoe. Plus I only used one comic to do this because, well, since I had a hard time bringing myself to cut up one comic, I didn’t think I could do it to more than that.

This is definitely a day project, and be prepared to probably have a ton of glue on your hands to the point where you look like you are shedding skin like a snake… Yup, I was peeling off that stuff like I had some disease… And had way too much fun doing it! Please as always, if you do try this project out, send me a picture. I would love to see what you guys do. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. ^_^

These are not finished yet, but here is what I created


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