Mums-y Will Be Very Happy With This News – The Crystal Maze Is Getting A Full Series, Richard Ayoade To Host

Channel 4 have confirmed that they have commissioned a full series of The Crystal Maze, set to air on the channel later this year. The new series will comprise of twenty episodes, with Richard Ayoade as host, after Stephen Merchant dropped out because he’d rather star in the X-Men movies for some reason. Richard Ayoade is well-known for playing Maurice Moss in the Channel 4 hit sitcom The IT Crowd. Since, he has presented shows including Gadget Man and Travel Man, also becoming a regular panelist on The Big Fat Quiz.

Richard Ayoade

The Crystal Maze Stand Up To Cancer Special was a huge success for Channel 4, achieving three million viewers for the channel – two million more than Channel 4’s average audience.  Tom Beck, the Head of Live and Events at Channel 4, said: “The Stand Up To Cancer special was so brilliant and so successful that commissioning a series of The Crystal Maze was almost a no-brainer. And I couldn’t be more pleased and excited that Richard has agreed to become the new Maze Master – he’s an inspired choice,”

This time, rather than filming at The Crystal Maze Experience, Channel 4 are building an entirely new set in Bristol. The new set is being designed by the series’ original designer James Dillon and will feature the Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Future zones. It will be a whopping 30,000 square feet, so the contestants better be prepared for a lot of running.

The Industrial Zone at the Crystal Maze Live Experience

With the exception of charity specials (which will feature celebrities taking on the maze, as with last year’s Stand Up To Cancer Special), this time round average members of the public will be taking part. Channel 4  are currently looking for teams of five people, with applications to apply for the show expecting to open soon. In the mean time, here’s the awesome new Crystal Maze TV theme to enjoy:

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