Miccoli Set to Release New Single ‘Lights’ in May

One of PCPB favourite bands, Miccoli has announced the release of their new single ‘Lights ‘, which is scheduled to drop on the 5th May 2017.

Idle Stranger Single

Miccoli is an English-Italian sibling trio made up by twin brothers Adriano (vocals acoustic/electric guitar) Alessandro (piano, vocal and acoustic guitar) and younger sister Francesca (vocal, piano and harmonica). For those of you not familiar with their music, Miccoli knows for their exquisite yet haunting harmonies and their indulgent and melodic sounds that seep into your soul, making you feel whole.

Miccoli’s news single ‘Lights ‘ is taken from their fourth coming EP ‘1/2 ‘ which is set to drop on the 12th May 2017 ahead of a seven-date US tour. ‘Lights ‘ will be the second release from the fourth coming EP, ‘Idle stranger ‘ being the first. The EP was recorded and self-produced over the past years at Clarion Studios off the coast of Malaysia.

Idle Stranger Single

‘Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our creative process – because inspiration can strike at any time – you don’t really dictate the process – instead it guides you – we make mental notes, record it on phones, scribble on pieces of tissue or whatever – sometimes do nothing; as Paul McCartney said “If you can’t remember it in the morning, it couldn’t have been all that good”. Then when the feeling is right, we either sit down together or take some time to ourselves, reflect and see what flows – piecing together all the notes left behind.’ – Miccoli


Miccoli musical inspiration comes from growing up with their parent’s brilliant record collection of the musical greats including Fleetwood Mac, Simon and Garfunkel, The Police and classic Motown. If you are in their US tour area, I highly recommend you see them and support this remarkable, talented trio you will not be sorry! US tour dates are yet to be announced.  Now we just need to get them to tour Australia! You will find all the links at the bottom of the page.

Watch the trio’s official music video ‘Idle Stranger ‘ below 







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