Marvel releases Captain America: Steve Rogers Launch Trailer

Captain America, Strong, Sensible, The boy next Door, and leader of Hydra…… Wait what???? Wait, wait, wait, I must have heard that wrong… That’s not the Cap, he kicks Hydras arse, not kisses it…. This has to be a mistake right?

But according to the video recently released by Marvel, there is a new line of Comics called Captain America: Steve Rogers, and in this edition the Red Skull goes back in time and completely re-writes Steve’s history and turns him into one of the top bad guys for Hydra…. And in fact becomes the lead dude of this evil organization. Oh, this is all wrong you guys, I mean no….. This to me is like watching Superman 3, OK now I know this is the worst of the Superman movies, and yes I agree, but the scene when Supes turns evil just broke my heart, it’s not right. And here Marvel Comics is doing it to the Cap? Is nothing sacred to these people? Ugh… ok, ok, ok I’m done.

The comics are ready for download through the Marvel Digital Comic Shop and at your local comic book retailer. I may go head to Dragonvine and see if they have this and glance, not sure if I will buy it because I have a hard time seeing heroes go bad, but it may be worth to check it out. ^_^


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