Marvel Avengers Academy Let’s the Villains Run Free!

Now that Malkeith is taken care of many wondered what would happen next in Marvel Avengers Academy. It looks like in the next event the past villains will be making a reappearance.

In the run of this game, many villains have been around from Ronan to the Brain. There has also been a load of unlockable characters from all of these events.

It looks like many of these characters will also make a return. This is great for anyone who has just started the game or who have missed them even if they have played a long time.

I am excited to see who is going to return as I certainly have missed a few great characters. It sounds like Groot, and a few other solid heroes will return.

Ares will also finally be playable in the future, and Hawkeye will finally materialize in the future as well. Here’s hoping 2017 is another great year for this game and that many heroes and villains will also slide out of the woodwork.

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