Manga Artist Draws Shonen Manga Dads to Celebrate Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Most of us did our greetings through Facebook posts and Instagram selfies with the main man of our lives. On the other hand, an up and coming manga artist did his Father’s Day shout-out in the most awesome way he could. Dragon Garou Lee, a doujinshi (fan manga) artist, put together an illustrated spread of dads from every shonen manga he could think of. Do you recognize any of them?

And it looked like this talented manga artist couldn’t stop with just one spread. He had to make more, like this collection of manga, anime, and gaming brunettes (plus points for including Tifa and Chun-Li).

Does that receding hairline make you insecure? Don’t worry. This manga artist thinks that they’re cool and he reminds you that they’re a staple in shonen manga.

He also paid homage to the usual character trope in most shonen manga, the ultra-powered high school student.

Swords? Swords are awesome, of course! If you like swords, almost every shonen manga hero agrees with you.


Shonen Jump’s Redemption for Yamcha

Dragon Garou Lee achieved online fame through his twitter page where he put up his impressive fan arts of Shonen Jump characters. The publishing company eventually hired him to create a Dragon Ball side-story featuring Yamcha, one of the show’s most underrated characters. In Dragon Ball Side Story: The Case of Being Reincarnated as Yamcha, a high school manga fan gets reincarnated as Yamcha and proves his capability as a fighter. The meta side story is already in its first chapter in Shonen Jump’s online platform, Shonen Jump plus.

Are you excited to see more of Dragon Garou Lee’s work? Will he ever prove that Yamcha is not as useless as his fans think he is? Tell us in the comments how much you love your dads and stay tuned for more anime and manga news.

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