We Review The Latest Episode of Man Seeking Woman SN3 EP01 – ‘Futon’

Man Seeking Woman is back and our hero Josh seems to have met his match. Lucy has the same bad luck it seems as our hero Josh until she meets him.

Though things don’t stay happy too long as soon enough her roommates are upset with Josh. In a humorous spin on illegal aliens they try to ban Josh from the apartment. Treating him like he can’t speak English they lock him out and install a border guard.

Lucy who does really care for Josh does all she can but soon decides to move out. How will these two do actually living together?

In the second part of the episode Josh and Lucy are living together. Lucy gets a Skype call from her old roommate and struggles with how Josh’s apartment looks when she asks to visit.

In a tale as old as time Lucy freaks out because Josh’s apartment isn’t up to adult standards. She works to clean it and in the process offends Josh which of course makes sense.

Josh leaves to hang with Mike and soon is living in Guyana in Miketown. Mike is a good guy but he really just brainwashes guys into hanging with him. Lucy at the behest of Josh’s sister goes to save him.

In the end Josh and Lucy have an apartment warming party and everyone loves it. With a little bit of a Woman touch these two are super happy. Wonder how things are going to continue for these two? Will things stay happy or will Josh inevitably cause her to leave?

A solid episode really with good jokes. This episode also made light of the trouble of relationships and how hard they can be which this show has always done. I think that they will keep up the good work.

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