Lucha Underground News: Netflix Confirms Release Date For Seasons 1 and 2

Lucha Underground fans rejoice! A date has now been set in stone where you can watch season 1 and 2 of the BEST wrestling show on the planet on Netflix (the news of them leaving El Rey was revealed here) before they air the second half of highly anticipated season 3.  The first two series of Lucha underground were amazing and unlike any other show that had gone before it. Gone was the ‘PG-ERA‘ or ‘New Era‘ and in was people performing moves that had not only been banned by other networks but  also twice as insane.

You can’t really describe Lucha Underground to someone who hasn’t watched it before, the best thing to do is sit them in front of it and make them watch it or tag them in a video clip online and see their reaction afterwards. Don’t believe me? Ask Head Comic Writer of Pop Culture Pipe Bomb Matt Shaw his thoughts after I shown him a clip. Matt was a casual fan who loved the Attitude Era but was turned off by today’s blander content. The clip was only 90 seconds long but that was enough to convert him. Welcome to the temple Matt!

As a longterm fan of Lucha Underground, this is great news as the more exposure they get, the more fans they will get like Matt. More fans equals more cash and more cash equals an ever better product! However let’s be serious for a moment and take some time PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS CASH ON WASHED UP EX WWE STARS! The only ex-WWE stars I would like to see in the temple are Cody Rhodes, Drew Galloway and Wade Barrett.

So when can we catch seasons 1 and 2 of ‘The Best Wrestling Show On The Planet’ (I made that up Lucha feel free to steal it 😛 ) ? You will be able to watch the first two series starting from the 15th of March.


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