Logan Tops the Box Office Around the World on Opening Weekend

After just seeing the Logan movie yesterday, it comes to no surprise that the latest of the Wolverine franchise tops the charts of the film industry.

This movie is definitely worth the money to go see in the theaters. I am not one who likes to go to the movies often, I personally have a hard time sitting for that long, to be honest, but Logan kept me in my seat comfortably and actively watching the whole time. I will recommend it to everyone to see whether they like this kind of stuff or not.

Logan topped as the biggest opening March has ever had. The film cost about $100 mill to create sold for $152.5 mill in tickets across the Pacific.

That is insane! “On a global scale, we’ve exceeded all pre-release expectations,” said Aronson.

Since Hugh Jackman started this path in the Wolverine career in 1994, with the X-Men box officing at $4.617 billion, I am sure he didn’t expect to go this far with the franchise. But you can bet this Australian actor is glad he stuck it out with the role and gave his character a proper farewell. X-Men Origins: Wolverine boxed at $373.1 million and The Wolverine topped at $414.8 million which places Logan not far behind in possibly bringing in the most money of the three. ^_^

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