Logan: Complete Easter Egg Guide


Having seen Logan opening weekend, and can say that this movie was awesome, I was also looking for all the Easter Eggs that Marvel snuck in there. There were quite a few in the Deadpool 2 teaser that they previewed before the movie, but did you find all the ones throughout the movie? Let’s find out

  • The name James Howlett: This one may be a bit hard to find if you are not a hard-core X-Men fan or huge Wolverine fanatic. James Howlett is actually his real name.. Remember, his brother Victor/ Saber Tooth would call him Jimmy?


  • Alkali/Transigen: The name of the company that created X23/Laura and her friends which is also a link between Alkali Lake and William Strikers secret layer.

  • The katana hanging on Logan’s wall: This is referring to his times spent in Japan.

  • Dog Tags: I am sure everyone caught this one, the famous tags he was given in the X-Men Origins movie.


  • “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails: The song that fits a movie about life coming to an end.

  • Caliban: The milky, pasty white complication of the “seeker” mutant is key to a lot of X-Men stories, especially that with Apocalypse.

  • The Adamantium bullet: Not many should have caught this as easy, the bullet that could actually kill Logan. This part in the movie is where everything comes together, and we find out for sure what is causing Logan harm. This is a very emotional scene as we see Logan show some weakness and explain to us what is going on with him. Pretty sad stuff


  • The GreenWood Cemetary: The scene, at the beginning where Logan is drinking his bottle of boozy and leaning against the tree while there was a funeral going on behind him, had many wonder whom the mutant was that might have passed…. Well, come to find that there was mutant at all, just Logan as the limo driver. But the Cemetery is an egg in itself as it is a famous burial site for a lot of those in the Marvel-verse.

  • The Statue of Liberty: This part ties it all together. When we finally get to see the Professor, it seems life for his has gone pretty downhill as well. We see him rolling around in a psychic seizure and taking out those around him. As he calms down, he mentions the Statue of Liberty to which Logan replies “that was a long time ago” this is in reference to the times that have changed from the very first X-Men movie where everything settled on Liberty Island to current 2029 era.


  • The Reavers: Though seeing the one armed man that is Donald Pierce wasn’t interesting enough, we also got his gang full of one arm soldiers with a bionic hand as well. SO who are these bad guys with the terminator hand? They are the Reavers, and they go pretty far back to the meeting of the X-Men and the Hellfire gang. After the heroes had won the battle, the left over Hellfire gang ran into a pissy Wolverine who may have taken an appendage or two….


  • Laura/X-23: Ok she is a major Easter egg of course. Now if you know your comics, then you know that she was created to be like Wolverine and that there is a spin-off comic called X-23, which is all about her. But in the comic, she was actually made in the womb of a Doctor who figured out the genetic code to Wolverine and placed this in her fetus. She is now the continuation of Wolverine in the Marvel world

  • Laura cutting herself up: Now this scene was a bit hard to watch as a little girl slices her arms open again and again. This was in tribute to innocence lost which was in comics 1-5 of the X-23 series which the producers decided should be taken from the books and travel to the big screen. This is basically to show how the mutants were created and not loved; this is emotionally critical to the child’s development.


  • X-23 project mastermind: Yes I am referring to Doctor Zander Rice, the evil douche behind the creation of X-23 and X-24. The one who decided it was ok to experiment on children… that evil, good for nothing… oh ok sorry. He has a bit of an issue with Logan considering Wolverine may have killed his daddy a few movies back, one can see why there may be some issues there.


  • Richter!!: OK this one if for the true X-Men fans, Richter is one of the New Mutants, both comics and film mention. He is also in a series called The X Factor, which has been around since the late 80’s. Julio Richter was the dude that can control seismic energy. He was a villain originally but then teamed up with the X-Factor and are now saviours.

  • The X-Men comics: Now the ones in the movie are obviously props, drawn though by a true comic artist, which was a beautiful step. This was a great anti-easter egg.


Now I know there are probably many more easter eggs out there I may have missed, and you are probably right. But these are just a few that I caught in the movie. If there are others, I have missed just give me a shout out and let me know so I can spot them the second time through. ^_^

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