Lego Batman Takes Over The Big Bang Theory

If we aren’t seeing a show done in Lego, then it must not be cool enough. The trend to see out fave shows or movies are given a Lego revamp is the norm and this time it’s the Big Bang Theory, but with a twist. The Big Bang Theory meets Lego Batman.


In light of the new Lego Batman movie hitting theaters on February 10th (which I have tickets for already,) we get a treat of a crossover involving the Big Bang Theory team interviewing Lego Batman. Sheldon, Penny, and the rest of the group talk about whom is their favorite Batman with the Lego Dark Knight. It is absolutely brilliant how they used clips from the Big Bang Theory show and dubbed them in the video to interview Batman. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.



You can also buy Lego Big Bang Theory sets on and will run you about $40-$50 dollars, which is pretty normal for a good sized Lego set. Unfortunately those toys are pretty expensive, which they better be for the damage they inflict should you step on one of the little pieces…… ^_^


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