Leaked Art Reveals a Cancelled Game From God of War Studio

The team behind the popular Playstation exclusive franchise God of War seem to have had at one time been working on a sci-fi based game.

Nerdleaks originally posted what they claimed was art from the cancelled Sony Santa Monica Studio game. The images that were posted have now been removed, although IGN has found an Imgur page which has the full collection. Allegedly, this art comes from an artist who worked on the game before its cancellation. The cause of the cancellation was due to the surprising amount of layoffs that began three years ago.

The concept art collection suggests that this game was deep into development and not just rough ideas and brainstorms. It certainly looked like a game that could have had some good potential.  Nerdleaks stated that the game would have been set in the 2030s and would have a strong emphasis on world exploration. Players would have been able to scan and log a vast variety of items and creatures found on the planets, but it seems that this would have all been a build up to a mysterious narrative mission codenamed Ark Mission Genesis – A.D. 2034.

Sony Santa Monica is keeping quiet about the leak, and there is not a whole lot of information available from any other sources currently. Sony Santa Monica is currently working on the next God of War game. Who knows maybe if this abandoned project gets enough attention they might bring it back?





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