Latest TV Trailers Causing a Stir on the Internet

The Roseanne revival trailer has created quite an online frenzy since its premiere at the network’s upfront presentation on May 16.

The trailer has gotten 33.2 million views on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Most of the views have been on Facebook, with 31.6 million views. The trailer also has received the most shares of new ABC series trailers on Facebook, with 407,000.

See What All the Fuss is About and Watch the Trailers below.

Coming in second to Roseanne, with 25.4 million views, 22 million of those on Facebook, is ABC’s The Good Doctor.

Trailers for The Mayor, The Gospel of Kevin and The Crossing also had strong showings, with 13.7 million, 7.7 million and 4.4 million views, respectively since the May 16 release.

Also is showing strong, with 26.2 million views since its release on May 14 is NBC’s Will & Grace revival trailer.

The new broadcast series trailer that still is the record-holder for most views still seems to be Season 1 of NBC’s This Is Us, which crossed the 50 million mark in its first 11 days following its May 15, 2016, release.

I’m ecstatic that Roseanne is coming back to the small screen, I grew up watching the Conners to the point that they felt like extended family. It was a ritual in our house, even still to this day I continue to watch reruns that I’ve seen over hundred times of my all time favourite TV family.

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