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2017 marks my home and native lands (Canada) 150th birthday and my government have planned a year-long celebration. Fellow Canadian William Byrne is working on completing a Canadian based superhero graphic novel to be released on Canada Day July 1st, 2017 which will fit in nicely with the nationwide festivities.



In Toronto, Ontario, ex-Newfoundlander Philip D Mackenzie, a bioengineer is attacked at his lab and killed in an explosion, or they think he’s dead.  He is found in an empty field by a group of homeless people, led by a battle-scarred WW2 French Canadian Secret Agent who will train him. They take him to a secret government agency under the city of Toronto and will be given an alien battle suit as he struggles to understand and cope with his newfound abilities. He will claim back his new home from the dark tyranny that threatens to destroy the city. He will rise up to be the hero the country and the world needs.

“I couldn’t be prouder of this book,” said Byrne. It’s a fun journey, and Law’s art is unreal. He’s a star in the making.”

“This is the kind of story I dream of: strong characters, strange places, strange events, but all grounded in reality except for superpowers,” said Byrne. “In this book, Law gives just that and a whole world of characters for me to play with.”

The North Shield is created by “William Byrne (Max Burger P.I.) and red-hot artist Marvin Law (The hardest working man in Comics)” From  Rant & Roar Comics.

Advance Review

The North Shield is a fantastic new addition to the growing ranks of Canadian superhero comics!  William Byrne has brought forth an interesting cast of characters in familiar Canadian settings while still making them unique enough to make their own mark on the landscape.  The flow of the story carries the reader into the adventures of the North Shield, how he steps into a new role in life and fights to reclaim his city from the corruption overtaking it!  Byrne’s skilled writing is paired with the excellent artistic skills of Marvin Law, who really springs the North Shield to life on each action-packed page!  All in all this newest adventure joins the ranks of some of the finest new comics to join the Canadian comic landscape! –Jeff Burton writer and creator of Auroraman


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