Kickstarter Spotlight: Strange Horror: Comics and Music Together

Writer, illustrator and musician Gary Scott Beatty (Number One, Indie Comics Magazine) started a Kickstarter recently that is, possibly, the first comic book Kickstarter to offer an Original Music Soundtrack level.

I’ve been following Kickstarter projects for some time, and I haven’t seen anything like Strange Horror,” said Beatty. “Along with Strange Horror #1, #2 and #3, we’re offering a ‘Sooth the Beasts’ music and comics level, 40 minutes of mp3 downloads composed and performed by me.”As front man and keyboardist for the punk/new wave band Flak, Beatty played the Midwest in the late ’70s through the early ’80s. A PDF liner notes booklet is included with the Kickstarter pledge. The Strange Horror Soundtrack is “an offbeat composition of musical sounds to entertain and unsettle you,” writes Beatty in the liner notes.

The three Strange Horror comics, 40 pages each, feature three “tales of fright beyond the ordinary” with art by Beatty, Andy Bennett (Ghost Sonata, Cthulhu Tales) and Mark Bloodworth (Deadworld, Hellraiser). Extended Artist Issues of the three books and original art pages are also offered.

Wounds” is an insane zombie apocalypse story by Beatty, “Welcome to Dunwich” is a Lovecraft homage illustrated by Bloodworth, and “The Devouring” is a savage ghost story illustrated by Bennett. The three issues offered in the Kickstarter wrap up all the first story arcs.

Except for the original comic pages, we’re all digital so that we can pass the savings on to backers,” said Beatty. A “Join the Horde” level is available so Beatty can “turn” backers into zombies on art pieces they can output to hang on a wall, or use online for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter profile pictures.

Kickstarter is a unique platform,” said Beatty. “It would be difficult to offer this kind of variety any other way.”

All three issues are completed and ready for digital delivery once the campaign is over and hit’s its funding goal of $1,000 USD. There are a couple of physical rewards such as original art which is always great to see.
The $30 pledge includes a 40-minute original soundtrack composed by Gary Scott Beatty. Gary was kind enough to give us some samples of what to expect on the soundtrack. Check them out below and the top of the page.

As of the time, I am writing this article the campaign is at $576 of its $1,000 goal with 58 backers and 22 days to go (Thursday, February 16th, 2017 12 am Eastern is the deadline). If this has peaked your interest, please check out and consider supporting the Kickstarter

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