Josh Gad Could Be The Next Penguin

When most people hear the name Josh Gad they think of him as Lefou from the live action Beauty and the Beast remake, or as Olaf from the movie Frozen, (musicals seem to be a trend for him) but his next project may be a step in a new direction.

Recently Gad tweeted a picture of the Batman villain, Penguin, with no caption. It got a lot of people wondering if he was hinting at something. Could Gad be playing Penguin in the next Batman movie? Is Penguin gonna go up against Ben Affleck’s Batman alongside Deathstroke? Does DC know what they’re even doing with the next Batman movie? When will we get some answers?

While it’s hard to say if this is going to happen, it wouldn’t be to hard to imagine Gad as the birdy gang leader. (For all we know, Penguin could just be his favorite Batman villain.) He would definitely bring a wonderful new personality to the well known villain and maybe even bring a new, lighter personality to the role.




One artist heard the idea and decided to show just how awesome Gad might look like as the Penguin. This looks amazing, and this artist has shown more than just what Gad might look like. BossLogic has drawn what Patrick Wilson might look like as Ocean Master (Link Here), and Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke (Link Here). (Wilson is going to be in the Aquaman movie, and Manganiello says that he’s still going to be in the Batman movie, even after all the director changes.)

This looks amazing and I would be glad to see Penguin back on the big screen. The last time Penguin was on the big screen was in Batman Returns, when he was played by Danny Devito.  Batman Returns was a great movie, but it’s lost some of it’s wonder since the Dark Knight trilogy. Nolan showed us how more realistic heroes can have thrilling stories and arches, without to much of they cheesiness. Batman Returns was what originally got me interested in Penguins backstory, though. I think a more modern telling would be really interesting.


Gotham tried to tell a very interesting backstories for the Batman characters, and while it started good, I feel like it got sidetracked somewhere along the way. It kept trying to outdo itself and they rushed some stories (like Penguins) along a little too quickly. I still like the show, but it’s not the perfect origin story TV show that they originally promised. 

I want to see a Penguin who is a major crime boss, but makes cheesy bird puns like he does sometimes in the comics. A good mixture between the Penguin from season 1 of Gotham and the penguin from the Arkham Batman video games, would be perfect. I understand it’s hard to get a character  just right so that everyone will like them, but some unique characters have come out of taking chances. Bane is nothing like he is in the comics, but he’s still an amazing character to me.

Either way, I hope to hear that Gad will be playing Penguin in the next Batman movie. Ben Affleck has proven that he’s going to be an amazing Batman. It seems like they want to do a really good job on the Batman movie, and I think going with the Deathstroke story-line will be very entertaining. If DC could just figure out the order they want their movies to come out, then we might have an idea when we’ll get the Batman movie. For now, lets hope for sometime next year.

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