Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum to Star in “Wingmen” a Musical Comedy

An unlikely pair of fine gentlemen, at least they were an unlikely pair to me until now, are pairing up to make a film for Universal by the running name of “Wingmen. I didn’t know they knew each other (they played in at least 3 films together (Stop-Loss)) and that they are good friends but Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum are to star in the film “Wingmen” alongside each other.

The script is co-penned by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Bacall, the latter best known for writing 21 Jump Street and it’s sequel.

According to Variety the story will follow two pilots who have crash-landed in Las Vegas. It should be a film in the likes of Pitch Perfect meets Books of Mormon whatever that means and entails. The only thing I can be certain about is that it will involve singing to Top 100 hits and a touch of adult humour as they are aiming for an R-rated musical comedy. Sounds promising, right?

No director has been assigned to the film yet, although the following names have been mentioned: Seth Gordon (Baywatch, Horrible Bosses), James Bobin and Casey Nicholaw. But a surprise name popped up as well . Joseph Gordon-Levitt has announced that he would like to direct this film. Directing is not new to Joseph Gordon-Levitt as he has directed shorts for his own company HitRecord before. Again for me this all is surprising; I have been living under a rock apparently.


The filming is not expected to start soon as both gentlemen are engaged to work on other projects at the moment. Channing Tatum is about to start filming Triple Frontier, his latest action thriller.

Both gentlemen are not new to the music scene. Channing Tatum is well-known for his dance moves (Step Up and Magic Mike) so I expect some pretty groovy dance moves from him in this film. Don’t know about his singing though. I just have to wait and find that out.


As for Joseph Gordon-Levitt I know he can sing and can dance. Check out this gorgeous video of him singing with Lady Gaga. Yes, I know it is a Christmas/Holiday song, but I don’t care.


I have seen Joseph Gordon-Levitts awesome moves while he was on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle where he performed Janet Jackson‘s song Rhythm Nation. Sadly I don’t have a clip to show you guys. But if you haven’t seen it and you did not know he could dance; you are in for one big treat.

Another bummer is that not much else is known about the film; no additional actors, no release date. As soon as we find out we will tell you all about it. So what are your thoughts about this film in the make?


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