Jared Leto Joins ‘Indie Netflix’ Site Fandor

If you’re a film buff, this is a great time to be alive. Gone are the days when you had to visit the big box video stores only to find the same old selection of mainstream films. If you were lucky, you lived near an independent video store (or worked at one, like I used to) and found more intriguing treasures. Since the demise of the video store (and perhaps the cause of that demise), services like Netflix have come around to keep us in films 24/7. However, the independent video store experience was sadly missing from the equation, until recently.

Fandor, the Indie Netflix

Back in 2011, the streaming service Fandor was created. It streams a library of around 6000 films including foreign, independent, silent and documentaries that you won’t see on Netflix, or pretty much anywhere else. They also team up with film festivals like Cannes, SXSW, Tribeca, and TIFF to show festival favorites that don’t pick up distributors.

Deadline.com recently announced that they have teamed with Jared Leto as Chief Creative Officer to help give them input on original programming, creating an even closer comparison with Netflix, whose original programming is filling the gap for fans who want something more interesting than what the major networks are doling out every season. Leto is also bringing his streaming and social media site VyRT into the deal. Fandor already has a pretty cool sharing service, where you can share your favorite scenes on Facebook using BlipSnips.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto begs you to watch more indies

The site has some other interesting features. There’s a staff picks section that really helps create that indie video store feel, and according to Leto, its this ‘human element’ that attracted him to the site in the first place. There are also resources for film students and educators, who also receive a 50% discount, something you won’t find on Netflix. They also will be showing some festival films the day they premier on the big screen, and, my favorite, they have really limited (like only for a few days) showings of Criterion Collection films, thanks to a deal with Hulu. They will also live stream films, documentaries, shorts and originals, with the first livestream hosted by Leto later this year.

The service is available on desktop, iOS and Android, as well as through Roku, Chromecast, and AppleTV.


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