It’s True, It’s DAMN TRUE Or is it? Kurt Angle Addresses Those Royal Rumble Rumours

It’s true, It’s DAMN TRUE, or is it? Recent inductee to the WWE Hall Of Hame Kurt Angle today addressed the rumours surrounding his possible entry into the 2017 Royal Rumble, arguably the most star studded one ever. For those massive fans of Kurt such as myself, yes it’s true , the news revealed in an interview today with TMZ Sports where he was quoted as saying –

Royal Rumble is not gonna happen. A lot of people are assuming it, a lot of writers are writing about it … I haven’t talked to WWE about anything after WWE Hall of Fame.

Now this is professional wrestling and never say never. I for one would not rule Kurt out, also who wouldn’t not want to see him squash that annoying Miz like a bug or face down Goldberg, Braun Strowman or The Undertaker or even battle old foe and sometimes friend Brock Lesnar in the battle of the suplexes? Heck the options are endless how about a mid Rumble staredown with old foe and current NXT badass Samoa Joe?  Don’t even get me started on a possible scrap with Rusev! If you don’t want to see that your a liar and I don’t like liars so stop reading this liar liarson!

If you asked me the question as to whether Kurt would be in the Rumble a month ago I would have bet my house on it, I knew both WWE and Kurt were planning soemthing but did not know what. Now I’m not so sure, would you really want your Hall Of Fame headliner to enter at number 17 in the Rumble and be eliminated by *sighs* James Ellsworth? Don’t laugh you know it’s possible given todays WWE’s writers (you fools you let Chris DeJospeh go). No it would tarnish his reputation, it would  make the current Hall Of Fame class look weak compared to todays talent.

Although saying that he has recently pulled out of a wrestling show in Scotland that was booked around the Royal Rumble period, so watch this space 😉

Kurt Angle was loved by all be it as arrogant heel or funny as hell face, Kurt never failed to entertain and I for one would literally dance round the front room doing the Daniel Bryan YES chant if that happened!

Check out on my favourite Kurt Angle moments below and either way 2017 will be full ‘Integrity, Intensity and Intelligence’.


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